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Leading Personalized Learning: Digital Programs Help Meet the Needs of all Students

Date of broadcast: 
Tue, 04/25/2017

Personalized learning solutions are helping educators leverage digital curriculum technology to create individualized learning paths for each student, based on personalized and adaptive instruction.

Digital supplemental programs are enabling administrators to complement and enhance existing curricula and instructional practices with personalized learning solutions that provide remediation for struggling students, supportive practice for on-level students and enrichment for advanced students. The leading personalized learning curriculum programs are based on decades of rigorous research and apply learning science to engage students, empower educators and improve outcomes.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about how personalized learning solutions can enable educators to:

  • Help students gain proficiency of ELA and mathematics content at their own pace using intuitive, adaptive, rich instruction
  • Gather data to monitor academic growth, and identify and address knowledge gaps
  • Apply data from technology solutions to individualize learning pathways and improve classroom learning environments

Scheduled speakers:

Jason Green

Executive Director, School Programs

McGraw-Hill Education

Shawn Mahoney

Chief Academic Officer, School Programs

McGraw-Hill Education

Who will benefit:

Administrators interested in personalized learning. Anyone may attend.