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Makerspaces, Drones and Robotics: The Next Generation of STEM Learning

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Tue, 10/17/2017
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K12 STEM programs are evolving, incorporating new tools and technologies to better prepare students for rapidly changing college and career environments. Makerspaces, drones, coding and robotics are all part of this next generation of STEM learning that is just beginning to have an impact in districts.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about incorporating these new tools from two districts with innovative STEM programs. We’ll be joined by the superintendent of the Roscoe Collegiate ISD in Texas, where administrators established an Early College/STEM Academy that has garnered national recognition for its use of drones, robotics, college-level veterinary science program and more. We’ll also be joined by the superintendent of the Wallingford Public Schools in Connecticut, which is expanding STEM learning opportunities by taking a collaborative approach with the community and local businesses, while incorporating new technologies and makerspaces.

In addition, grant funding expert Paula Love will share specific, actionable funding resources— from both public and private sources—to help support STEM programs, and outline the key changes to expect under new state ESSA plans that could alter the funding streams available to support school or district STEM initiatives.

Scheduled speakers:
Kim Alexander
Roscoe Collegiate ISD (Texas)

Salvatore Menzo
Wallingford Public Schools (Conn.)

Paula Love

Who will benefit: District administrators interested in STEM, technology, curriculum or makerspaces. Anyone may attend.

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