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Supporting Phonics Instruction: Laying a Foundation for Reading

Date of broadcast: 
Wed, 04/05/2017
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Best practices in reading instruction are always evolving, as researchers are constantly learning how to better support young readers, particularly early and struggling readers. Recent years have brought more changes to how phonics instruction is emphasized in reading curriculum. Many educators who taught during the Reading First era and later within the Common Core are uncertain about how to best support strong phonics instruction, and thus lay the foundation for reading success in their districts.

Attend this web seminar with Jim Cunningham, renowned researcher and professor emeritus of literacy studies at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, to learn about the importance of phonics instruction to reading and writing, and some practical strategies for promoting more effective literacy instruction in a district.

Topics will include:

  • Why phonics remains the foundation of reading and writing
  • The relationship between phonics and the other foundational skills for reading
  • How the thinking about phonics changed—and didn’t change—from Reading First to Common Core
  • Proven best practices for supporting effective phonics instruction, and how to overcome the obstacles to adopting them
  • Actionable steps educational leaders can take when setting priorities and supporting mastery of phonics and reading growth

Scheduled speakers:
Jim Cunningham

Professor Emeritus
University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Doug Smith
Vice President, Digital ELA Instruction
Curriculum Associates

Who will benefit:  Administrators interested in supporting effective reading instruction. Anyone may attend.

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