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White Papers

A library of articles that provide useful and objective information about a particular business problem and potential solutions.
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Research in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) and cognitive psychology has shown in the last decades that in order to be successful in their foreign language (FL) learning, students need, through exposure to authentic, comprehensible input, rich and frequent opportunities to interact in the target language in a purposeful way.

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Through a highly collaborative process of goal-setting, standards alignment, curriculum and assessment development, professional development and coaching, Evans Newton empowered Clifton teachers and school leaders to transform their schools and get results.

Amelia Earhart Middle School in Riverside, CA was selected by the district to pilot HMH Fuse: Algebra I, a new comprehensive educational program designed for the iPad. As a school that has experience with forward-moving technology, the educators at Earhart devised a strategic plan to utilize HMH Fuse: Algebra with students randomly assigned to use the app in comparison with those using a textbook for an entire school year. The results of the implementation were impressive: students using the HMH Fuse app were more motivated, more attentive in class, and more engaged with Algebra content relative to students using textbooks. 

Why food should not be used as a reward or punishment for a child's behavior. 

An overview of activity recommendations from the National Association for Sport and Physical Education.

Recommendations for how to make school a "healthy place" for children in low-income communities.

Providing healthy school food options while considering budget.

Ideas on why and how to create faculty staff wellness programs in schools.

Important information reguarding egg allergies.

Ideas on why and how to evaluate your school wellness programs.