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New York Times reporter Nikole Hannah-Jones examined resegregation in Missouri’s Normandy district.

Politicians often express concern over the widening achievement gap between black and white students in this country. But there was a time when that gap was reduced by as much a half. The reason? Integrated schools.

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George Saltsman
George Saltsman is an associate research professor in the Center for Doctoral Studies in Global Educational Leadership at Lamar University.
“Go and show” model requires teachers to demonstrate classroom mastery
Alison DeNisco
Click to enlarge: Countries such as Turkey and Tunisia have 45 and 53 students for every school computer, respectively
Australia, the United Kingdom and the United States boast less than two students for every computer at school
Alison DeNisco
he report, “Checking in: Do classroom assignments reflect today’s higher standards?” researchers analyzed assignments from 92 teachers from six urban middle schools
Only 38 percent of assignments were aligned with a grade-appropriate standard
Jessica Terrell
Students expected to think critically and interact meaningfully

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A combination of the right technology and educator guidance produces optimal differentiated instruction
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