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As Texas teacher pay lags, attrition and class size grow

Stacked up against other states, Texas public schools could win the best-bang-for-your-buck competition. The state has consistently ranked among the bottom five nationally in per-student spending yet some academic performance measures are on the upswing.

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Why super-elite public magnet schools aren’t necessary anymore

The admissions formula at New York's Stuyvesant High School has not yielded a student body that looks like New York—not even close. Of the 952 admissions offers Stuyvesant made in 2014, 71 percent went to students of Asian origin, while only 2.9 percent went to black and Latino students.

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Maryland district to roll out 40,000 laptops, tablets to classrooms

The $15.03 million purchase of the devices still must be approved by the Montgomery County Public Schools Board of Education. The multi-year effort to provide all students with access to mobile computers on a cloud-based network started last school year with a pilot in nine schools.

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Private summer schools prompt debate on education inequality

While summer programs in many California public school districts have been scaled back or eliminated, scores of students in predominantly affluent areas can pay for courses, bolstering their transcripts to be more attractive to colleges.

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Groups push for climate science in classrooms

A coalition of climate and science groups has launched a petition, dubbed the Climate Science Bill of Rights, to urge local governments to adopt the Next Generation Science Standards and teach climate change science in grades 8-12.

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Arizona schools win $1.6 billion in court fight with state

Arizona's public schools are due an additional $317 million in funding for the coming budget year, a court has ruled. The decision could cost the state an extra $1.6 billion over the next five years.

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FCC approves $2 billion boost for Wi-Fi in schools

The move will phase out E-rate funding for old technologies like pagers and dial-up phone service in order to subsidize broadband and wireless Internet connections in classrooms and libraries.

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Be a source for our story: School-to-prison pipeline

District Administration wants to talk to superintendents and other district leaders who have found zero-tolerance discipline policies to be ineffective and replaced them with innovative ways to correct behavior and guarantee security. To participate in the story, please follow the link to contact us.

Why middle school should be abolished

We need to cut the middle out of middle schools, either by combining them with the guidance and nurturing that children find in elementary school, or with the focus on adult success that we expect from our high schools.

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11 area districts join new virtual school

A new public school drawing students from across the region, and the state, opens next month. The academy, referred to as TECCA, is the first new virtual school to be created under a law adopted early last year in Massachusetts to pave the way for more of them across the state.

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