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PresenceLearning resource focuses on blended learning and special education

PresenceLearning has added, “Getting Smarter About SPED: A Conversation about Blended Learning Decisions and Implications” to its online resource library. Based on a webinar featuring Tom Vander Ark, Maria Carr and Robin Wise, the free download outlines how properly executed blended learning models can positively impact special education students.

L.A. Unified students return to school with more teachers on the job

More than 650,000 Los Angeles Unified students went back to school, supported by the largest funding boost in seven years for nearly 1,600 new teachers, counselors, nurses, library aides and principals.

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Google opens its learning management tool to all teachers

Google announced the limited preview of Classroom, a tool that aims to make it easier for teachers to stay in touch with their students and to give them assignments and feedback. Anyone with a Google Apps for Education account can now use the service.

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Green ABCs launches green line of school supply kits

An eco-friendly line of school supplies made with recycled materials, renewable recources or innovations in biodegradability has been launched by Green ABCs.

Mississippi gets money for advanced high school exams

The U.S. Department of Education will give Mississippi nearly $55,000 to help pay the costs of low-income high school students taking Advanced Placement and other exams that could help them earn college credit after accelerated high school classes.

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Hand sanitizers not shown to cut school absences

Putting alcohol-based hand sanitizers in classrooms in the hopes of reducing school absences due to illness may not be worth the expense in high-income countries where clean water for washing hands is readily available, a study says. It finds that adding the sanitizers to school-age kids' usual hand hygiene routine — washing with soap and water — did not reduce illness-related absences.

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A new twist on concentration: Standing while you work

A growing workplace health trend is moving to classrooms: More schools are adding standing desks as a tool to increase alertness and combat childhood obesity.

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The future is here: New ed tech targets the brain

Measuring and even changing a student’s brain activity was once a science fiction concept. But technology advances are pushing to market more products that use attention levels and plasticity of the mind to raise academic achievement.

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Saving money with refurbished technology

District CIOs looking to save money on computers are increasingly turning to refurbished technology. Buying preowned equipment puts more devices in the hands of students and keeps old machines out of landfills.

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Online Assessment: Breaking away from ‘bubble sheets’

In schools across the country, students are swapping their pencils and bubble sheets for computing devices and online tests. Proponents say online assessment is the wave of the future. Opponents say teachers and students aren’t ready. But perhaps the most crucial argument for embracing online assessments is immediacy.