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Bill would take state board out of Alabama's new charter school law

Last week, the state Board of Education declined to appoint a new Alabama Public Charter School Commission, as called for in the law. Only two months after Alabama's charter school law was passed, another bill has been introduced to take the state board out of the process.

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Partnership promote literacy in communities

AASA, The School Superintendents Association, has partnered with Read to Them to promote family literacy and create a culture of reading in communities across the country by getting students, staff and parents of all the elementary schools in a district reading the same book at the same time.

Let kids fidget in class

The prevailing scientific theory on attention disorders holds that they are caused by chronic underarousal of the brain. That’s why stimulants are prescribed as treatment for ADHD and similar diagnoses. Slight physical movements “wake up” the nervous system in much the same way that Ritalin does, thus improving cognitive performance.

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Alabama district signs on for mobile-enabled emergency plans

Houston County Schools, an Alabama school district serving approximately 6,400 K12 students, is now using SchoolDude's CrisisManager mobile safety platform. Administrators at the 14 school locations can access CrisisManager for step-by-step procedures to follow during emergencies.

Teenagers bullied less at school

School-based bullying for kids ages 12 to 18 appears to have dropped in recent years. Twenty-two percent of teens reported having been bullied in 2013, the lowest number since the federal government began collecting data on the subject in 2005.

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California elementary school district hires Michael McDowell

Michael McDowell, the associate superintendent of instructional and personnel services at Tamalpais Union High School District, will start in the position of superintendent for Ross School District in July.

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N.J. Senate approves repeal of salary cap for school superintendents

The newly repealed controversial salary cap, in place since 2011, prohibits a district chief from earning more than the governor’s $175,000 salary in base pay. But school districts say the cap has led to turnover as superintendents retired, took jobs in other states or switched professions.

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Online library of exemplary K12 student work debuted

Harvard Graduate School of Education and Expeditionary Learning unveiled the Center for Student Work, a large online resource of exemplary student projects. Teachers can use the free resource – which includes videos, writing samples and other tools – as a foundation to create their own projects.

Invent to learn guide released

The Invent To Learn Guide to Fun is a new book from Constructing Modern Knowledge Press featuring an assortment of classroom-tested "maker" projects for learners of all ages.

Math program helps students avoid summer learning loss

GPALoveMath is a web-based math program for K5 students to bolster summer learning. The learning platform's adaptive practice algorithm responds to the child’s previous answer to determine the ease or difficulty level of the next problem.