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Body cameras in schools invade student privacy

Body cameras in the schools are especially problematic. They allow school staff to invade student privacy at an increasingly intimate level—different than the overall monitoring of more open spaces. Body cameras present a real threat to students’ privacy and contribute to an environment in our schools of pervasive, intrusive surveillance.

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South Carolina district says no to Confederate flag displays

The Charleston County School District has banned students from displaying the Confederate flag emblem on campus clothing, jewelry, other apparel or even displayed prominently on vehicles driven to school. Students will be asked to remove the emblem and discipline will be on a case-by-case basis.

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Broward schools OK capital budget, but priorities a matter of debate

Broward County schools dealt with a new type of problem Tuesday: how to spend an extra $154 million in capital funds. Board members voted to tentatively approve the $2.6 billion capital budget. But they withheld $12 million worth of new buses. They will decide later whether to fund those or other priorities.

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Legislator calls for federal questioning of Pinellas schools

A U.S. representative from Florida is calling for a federal review after a newspaper investigation raised serious questions about the use of federal dollars for poor children and the overall quality of education students are receiving in five predominantly black elementary schools.

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Where California schools need to put their money

To inspire and prepare more students to excel in STEM and build a strong pipeline of teachers in these disciplines, we need new ways of approaching STEM education, and our efforts must involve everyone: states, districts, schools, tech developers, teacher prep programs and our best scientists, mathematicians and engineers all have roles to play.

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'Restorative justice' key in Jefferson school discipline plan

When Jefferson Parish public school students acted out in school last year, they could expect a swift reprimand and even the prospect of being arrested. This year, the district is implementing the "restorative justice" discipline method in its 80-plus schools to help avoid escalating scenarios.

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Chicago charter, neighborhood school highlight funding disparity

Neighborhood and magnet schools are set to receive significant cuts in areas such as special education and busing, while charter schools are virtually untouched by these reductions, an analysis of the 2015-16 school year budget found.

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N.C. district continues to anticipate increased enrollment for school year

Charlotte-Mecklenburg Schools expect 2,400 new students when school starts Monday, part of a trend that could mean even more new schools needed in the future. For the 2015-16 school year, the district is opening two new schools in addition to moving several schools to new buildings.

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LAUSD looks for smoother tech operations this school year

Officials this week are trying to right two major technology debacles: a malfunctioning records system and a now-abandoned plan to provide iPads to all students. Last year, thousands of students in the district were left without class assignments and teachers couldn't even take roll.

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New science learning solutions debuted from PASCO

PASCO Scientific introduced new scientific instruments, a wireless sensor interface, a projectile launcher, lab manual hardware and other curriculum solutions to engage students in STEM subjects such as chemistry and physics.