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Hmong dual-language programs preserve culture

educators think of Spanish. But dual-language programs taught in less-common tongues can help families preserve their cultural identities as new generations are born in the United States. One example is the Hmong, an ethnic group from the mountainous regions of China, Vietnam, Laos and Thailand.

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Justice for impoverished schools, 21 years in the making

After more than two decades, rural schools in South Carolina are tasting a sweet historic victory. The South Carolina Supreme Court has ruled that the state's funding formula denies many poor, rural students their right to an adequate education—21 years after several districts first filed the lawsuit.

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Photo Essay: Trained canines search for weapons in Alabama school district

Security dogs trained to detect the vapors in ammunition and bombs are being used in school district security for the first time. Calhoun County Schools in Alabama became the first district in the nation this year to pilot a vapor wake detection service with a canine officer.

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One username, one password

To make sure teachers keep their focus on learning and teaching—and not on logistics and subscriptions—curriculum and technology specialists must work together to see that information systems make materials accessible from the moment students and educators walk into the classroom.

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Inside the brain of a struggling reader

While home environment, access to books, and social and economic factors all play a part in children’s literacy development, brain differences also play a crucial role. This means a one-size-fits-all approach to education simply does not work for every child, and can keep struggling students behind.

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Fostering true teacher leadership

Teachers want to have influence in their schools, but formal leadership roles in K12 schools are limited. If many teachers leave their schools because they feel that opportunities to advance are lacking, why do some building leaders still fail to empower teachers with some autonomy over their own work?

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Tips for hiring the best tech staff

Student-centered CIOs must now focus more on the user experience than on just keeping networks and machines functioning. The spread of mobile devices and apps in the classroom makes hiring the right technology leaders a priority for digital learning initiatives.

Virginia district decides on five Blackboard solutions

Albemarle County Public Schools and Blackboard are partnering further to bring the district's full education technology suite under one unified platform with five Blackboard solutions that center on teaching, learning and community engagement.

Two new tools from Shmoop launched

After asking students a series of questions, Shmoop’s new College Planning Tool then compiles a personalized list of safety, target and reach schools. Resume Redux enables students to reformat their resumes.

Lawmakers should support local control

The new Texas Legislature needs to take a long look at the real purpose of standardized testing. If the purpose of testing is to assess a student's mastery of the state's curriculum, then a change is required. The state needs to replace it with a compact, rigorous curriculum that will allow students the opportunity for enrichment or remediation.

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