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Michigan's emergency school district hasn't earned right to expand

It’s impossible to make the case for expanding the Educational Achievement Authority until the fledgling statewide school district has established a sustained record of improved student achievement and responsible educational administration in the 15 schools it supervises today.

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Scranton district opens new special education school

The Pennsylvania school district opened the Monticello School, a new school catering specifically to special education students with additional emotional support and autism services offered. The district is partnering with the Scranton Counseling Center and the Friendship House for the new K12 school.

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3,000 Minn. high school athletes suffered concussions

A state-mandated study of high school athletes' concussions in Minnesota showed that athletic trainers from 36 public high schools voluntarily reported 730 concussions. Researchers projected from that an estimated 3,000 concussions among the state's young athletes in the 2013-2014 school year.

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New Jersey parents sue over charter schools

A group of Camden parents has sued the state Department of Education, claiming a recent decision to approve two new Renaissance schools was done illegally. The lawsuit alleges that there was a failure to review the charter schools' segregative and financial effects on Camden School District.

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State of Georgia shorts school districts more than $400 per student

The Georgia Budget and Policy Institute's updated 2013 “Schoolhouse Squeeze” report on school funding found continued underfunding of the state’s Quality Basic Education (QBE) formula. According to the report, districts would get an average of $439 more per student during the current school year if the legislature fully funded education in line with the state QBE formula.

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Boston schools backtrack on recording audio on buses

Boston school officials have decided they will only record images — and not voices and other sounds — when they turn on more than 650 surveillance cameras installed on all school buses. Initially, school officials had planned to activate the microphones but concerns were raised about potentially violating students’ right to privacy.

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New online curriculum from EdTechLens illustrates life science concepts

EdTechLens created Rainforest Journey, a subscription-based and standards-aligned online science curriculum for elementary students that uses photographs and videos to illustrate the curriculum's written scientific concepts.

New iBooks Textbook helps visually impaired

Reach for the Stars: Touch, Look, Listen, Learn, a free, multitouch iBooks Textbook for iPad created by SAS and the Space Telescope Science Institute, incorporates assistive technologies for visually-impaired students with tactile overlays for the book's interactive images. Astronomers worked with developers to translate imagery from the Hubble Space Telescope into content for students.

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New online storytelling program debuted by Discovery Education and Science Channel

Discovery Education and Science Channel launched Epic Story, an online program that brings network programming, producers and student-created content together to provide students with storytelling tools.

McGraw-Hill Education launches new math program version

McGraw-Hill Education launched Everyday Mathematics 4, developed in partnership with the University of Chicago School Mathematics Project. The new version of Everyday Mathematics is an alternative core program engineered for new education standards designed to promote college and career readiness.