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TAPCIN launches new lesson plan app

Developmental Teaching, LLC announced the launch of Tapcin, a new web-based software application for creating lesson plans and tracking progress. Tapcin also features its own educator's social network designed specifically for teachers to collaborate, create their own colleague groups, and share with others.

Texas district battles truancy

Through its Operation KEYS (keeping every youth in school) program, Corpus Christi Independent School District is battling truancy with volunteers visiting truant students' homes and informing them of different options to graduate from high school.

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The invisible achievement gap: students in foster care

The special needs of children in foster care are too often ignored. Many districts do not even know which students are in foster care and are not tracking their performance. We must work to get child welfare and education agencies in more states gathering data on how children in foster care are doing and taking appropriate action to help them succeed.

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Atlanta school cheating trial has teachers facing prison

A landmark school cheating trial is set to begin in Georgia with school teachers facing up to 35 years in prison. Opening statements are expected to start this month in the trial of 12 former Atlanta Public Schools employees accused of boosting students' scores by altering and falsely certifying students' answers in standardized tests.

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New reading program debuted by All About Learning Press

All About Learning Press released the final installment in their All About Reading program. All components of reading are taught in Level 4, including decoding (phonics and structural analysis), vocabulary, fluency and comprehension.

Red Comet unveils high school courses in mathematics

Red Comet is launching several new courses in mathematics related to advanced algebra with financial applications, pre-calculus, calculus, comprehensive algebra and comprehensive geometry.

Metro Nashville to offer ‘full choice’ of high schools

In an admissions overhaul that relies on city buses, Nashville area students will be able to choose which high school they attend next year. However, schools located outside students’ current geographic zones would require open seats for them to get in, likely limiting entry into several.

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Smaller Indiana districts' best option is consolidation, study finds

"School Corporation Size and the Cost of Education," a policy brief from Ball State University's Center for Business and Educational Research, found that consolidation might be the best option for the Indiana's smaller school districts. The study determined that 2,000 students is the minimum efficient scale for school corporations in the state.

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New study offers clues about what makes a great school

Exceptional schools can dramatically improve test score results, a new study published in the journal Psychological Science notes. However, the study found that so far there is limited evidence that the schools have done much to change the "fluid cognitive skills" of the students.

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Closing the school-to-prison pipeline

Districts large and small, urban and rural, are revamping discipline as increasing numbers of experts and educators find that zero-tolerance—and widespread suspension and expulsion—has been ineffective and even discriminatory.