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Education lotteries redistribute wealth from the poor to the rich

Regardless of one's opinion about gambling, the fact remains that poor families make up a disproportionate number of lottery players while most honor roll students come from middle income families and up.

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N.M. district right to try magnets to attract mid-schoolers

Under the theory that imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, Albuquerque’s charter school movement should feel complimented that the state’s largest school district is considering creating magnet middle schools that mirror some of its success stories.

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Rebuilding Milwaukee’s schools and communities

There is an inherent link between strong public schools, healthy communities and a vibrant democracy. In Milwaukee, all are endangered.

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Academy Leader/Principal

New partnership to combine music curriculum and mobile reading

Reading Rainbow (RR) and Kindermusik International (KI) are partnering to combine KI’s research-based musical learning curriculum with RR’s mobile reading service in a digital library available on tablet devices with new digital content.

Classroom tech seen as loophole in ban on junk food ads in schools

While many schools have banned use of personal gadgets in class, others now encourage it. Ads may pop up in the course of those classroom Web activities, or during the social media checking and Web browsing done between classes.

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Lexington, Mass. superintendent is retiring in 2015

Paul Ash, who has served as superintendent for nearly nine years, announced that he will retire on June 30, 2015 to take a new position at a large national educational consulting company.

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Goalbook significantly improves goals written for IEPs, research shows

According to a recent San Francisco State University study, Individualized Education Plan goals written with the support of Goalbook contained two and a half times more information for planning and measuring a student’s success.

Every time foster kids move, they lose months of academic progress

Students in foster care move schools 1-2 times a year, and by the time they age out of the system, over one third will have experienced five or more school moves. Children are estimated to lose 4-6 months of academic progress per move.

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Alexandria, Va. board chooses Dr. Crawley as new superintendent

The Alexandria City board plans to approve Dr. Alvin L. Crawley as its new Superintendent of Schools at the March 6 scheduled School Board meeting. Crawley was named interim superintendent in October 2013.

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