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Edgenuity plays key role in national transition to online learning

As the national movement toward implementing digital learning programs and instructional materials in grade 6-12 classrooms gains momentum, Edgenuity – a leading provider of online and blended learning solutions – is helping to lead the way as schools and districts make the transition to online learning.

How to improve Boston schools

We have a readiness problem in Boston, and we can’t fix it by fine-tuning the 19th century, industrial-era school system we currently have.

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It could be a while before churches can sponsor charter schools

A Columbus church seeking to become a charter school sponsor lost another round in court last month.

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Tax dollars for private school tuition gain in states

The Alabama Legislature's last-minute move to create a $3,500 state tax credit for private school tuition is emblematic of a growing movement in the states.

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Common Core will aid schools

Our students face a future in which a successful life will require more aptitude and determination than ever before.

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Indiana's online schools face scrutiny over scores, growth

Leaders of Indiana's two largest online charter schools say low student test scores don't tell the whole picture of how the schools are performing.

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Sioux City schools looking for more diversity in teaching ranks

The Sioux City school district is among many in the state struggling to diversify its workforce, especially as Iowa’s demographics continue to shift.

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Michigan governor declares financial emergency in district with $38M deficit

The declaration will set in motion a process that could end with drastic options that include bankruptcy or an emergency manager.

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Boston’s schools a major issue for mayoral hopefuls

In the race to succeed Mayor Thomas M. Menino, proposals to overhaul the Boston public schools abound, making education one of the most talked-about issues thus far.

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