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Maine education commissioner recommends school safety clearinghouse

Creating a school safety center within the Department of Education could do more to improve the safety of Maine’s schools than billions of dollars in security upgrades, according to a briefing delivered to the Legislature’s education committee.

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Charter students 11 times more likely to be expelled

Of the 25 schools with the top expulsion rates last year, 22 of them were charters, according to newly released Chicago Public Schools data.

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Schools don't need more meddling

The Florida Legislature should focus on the bigger issues regarding implementing the Common Core Standards and those still-undetermined assessments - and stop dictating to local school districts that need greater flexibility.

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Cree expands outdoor lighting portfolio to cut energy consumption

Cree, Inc. is expanding its outdoor lighting portfolio with two new LED luminaires, which can cut energy consumption by 65 percent and nearly eliminate maintenance costs to replace outdated HID luminaires.

Mississippi districts complete energy savings with Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric completed an energy savings performance contract with two local districts spanning 12 facilities and incorporating dozens of efficiency upgrades, saving the districts over $2.4 million in energy costs over the 15 year partnership.

Capstone Professional publishes Kindergarten and the Common Core

The book provides practical routines and developmentally appropriate activities that foster an environment for young learners to master core kindergarten content along with the Common Core State Standards and show teachers how to conduct authentic assessments.

Google and Discovery Education give students a look at Google Doodles

As part of the seventh annual Doodle 4 Google competition, students can meet the team of artists who create Google’s doodles with a live virtual field trip highlighting the creative process and science behind Google’s logo transformation.

New Child Trends study highlights approach for closing achievement gaps

Child Trends conducted an extensive review of the research and evaluations underlying Integrated Student Support (ISS) approaches in K12 schools. ISS approaches promote academic success by securing and coordinating supports tailored to the specific needs of at-risk students.

Common ground on teacher evaluations needs common facts

You can’t agree to disagree if you can’t even agree on what you disagree about. Yet such is the condition of the debate over using state test results in teacher and principal evaluations. But without common facts, how can the Legislature reach common ground?

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Use STEM education to improve civic literacy

The push for more and better STEM education comes mainly from companies who need more educated employees. But there are other reasons to support better education in math and science. In the 21st century, they are prerequisites to competent self-government.

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