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High-poverty urban districts strive to close the digital divide

Philadelphia's speedy Internet does students and teachers little good in many schools. The district paid for its Internet upgrades using the federal e-rate program, a subsidy that can only be used for networking and telecommunications, not for buying the devices teachers and students use to go online. Overall, the district has one computer for every two students with 60 percent of the computers being over five years old.

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N.C. school districts encouraged but concerned about state budget

Speaking on behalf of a consortium of the North Carolina's 10 largest school districts, superintendents from school systems in Cumberland, Johnston, New Hanover and Wake counties said they couldn’t stand to lose teaching assistants under a Senate plan that calls for roughly half of the positions in elementary schools to be eliminated.

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Leaders at odds on cost of South Dakota school funding

As South Dakota lawmakers start a study about the future of education in South Dakota, lawmakers and educators clashed over how much money they even should be talking about to improve schools in the state.

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Four-day school weeks possible with Iowa law change

A change to state law will make it easier for Iowa school districts to tweak the structure of the school week, giving them more freedom to try new schedules. Starting July 1, school officials can count instructional time in either days or hours.

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How teacher prep programs are failing new teachers

The National Council on Teacher Quality's second annual evaluation of teacher preparation programs found that only 7 percent performed well enough to achieve "top status." Three out of four programs "fail to insist that applicants meet even modest standards," the group wrote, meaning at least a 3.0 grade point average, or scoring above the 50th percentile on the ACT or SAT.

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BAM Radio Network launches PULSE to support educational programming

BAM Radio Network (BRN) has launched PULSE. The new platform that will allow producers of education-related radio shows and podcasts to access BRN's global community of educators, who use internet radio for professional development, project-based learning, community building, outreach, brand building, parental engagement, and adding their voices to the international education discussion.

Common Core assessment creation tool launched by OpenEd

OpenEd has launched a free assessment creation tool that enables educators to create tests incorporating their own questions, or existing questions automatically suggested by OpenEd's educational recommendation engine.

Curriculum Advantage and Scantron align to enhance personalized learning

Curriculum Advantage announced an alliance with Scantron to integrate Curriculum Advantage's Classworks with Scantron Performance Series and Scantron Achievement Series assessment solutions. Classworks will take the assessment data provided on individual students to create customized assignments.

Avoiding summer learning loss for teachers and students

Students, teachers and parents can have an enjoyable summer while continuing the education process. Teachers can improve their craft by participating in professional development that focuses on how to better engage students in relevant learning. Continuous teacher training and learning are vital to student success.

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