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The fate of our nation rests on school lunches

As with many institutions and universal ideas in this nation in recent years, it seems that even something as right and as basic as feeding children food that is good for them has become politicized. The idea of school lunch as an egalitarian mechanism to nourish our nation’s potential has long been discarded and devalued. We are faced with an enormous crisis of health, education and inequality.

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Report shows gap between educational aspirations and preparation for Hispanic students

Although 83 percent of Hispanic students aspire to earn a postsecondary degree, just under a fourth are academically prepared to reach that goal, according to the new "The Condition of College & Career Readiness 2013: Hispanic Students" report released by ACT and Excelencia in Education.

ASCD to provide professional development for Pennsylvania district

ASCD Professional Learning Services has entered an agreement to provide professional development training for up to 100 administrators, teachers and consultants in the Coatesville Area School District. ASCD will provide Understanding by Design professional learning for elementary and secondary educators throughout the 2014–2015 school year.

Normandy to be the first Missouri school system managed by the state

Members of the Missouri Board of Education began the unprecedented task of remaking the Normandy school system, which is about to become the first district in the state to fall under their direct oversight. Superintendent Ty McNichols and about a third of the district’s teachers have been rehired.

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Coping with crisis in Oregon schools with mental health interventionists

The Medford School District's efforts to reach out to troubled students in middle and high school is a much-needed response to a growing problem. Given the rapidly rising number of people under 18 receiving mental health services in general, the Oregon Legislature should take a hard look next year at increasing funding for adolescent mental health treatment statewide.

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Poll finds adults prefer local decisions on school lunch nutrition

According to a new Rasmussen Poll, 25 percent of adults surveyed said the federal government should set nutritional standards for schools, up from 18 percent last August. The poll found that 51 percent believe standards should be set by parent teacher groups or by local governments, and 15 percent said they should be set by state governments.

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Obama unveils efforts to bolster education for Native Americans

President Barack Obama has pledged to work with tribal nations to ensure that Native Americans have more educational opportunities. The education efforts include releasing a blueprint for redesigning the Bureau of Indian Education and connecting schools and dormitories to high-speed Internet to support digital learning.

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Kansas cities debate whether to apply for free school meals program

Only a handful of Kansas schools may end up taking advantage of a new program that would allow them to offer free lunch and breakfast to every student regardless of family income. The provision, available in Kansas for the first time this year, is designed to combat child hunger by reducing paperwork and the stigma of applying for low-cost meals.

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Public schools' next challenge: market themselves to attract students

Thanks to education reform and technology, K12 students and their families now have more options for how/where/when they receive their education. Students are leaving traditional public schools for perceived greener pastures, including online, charter or private schools. Now districts have a new challenge: how to market themselves to attract students to attend their schools.

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Texas district plans $55 million school security upgrade

Cypress-Fairbanks ISD will spend $55 million to tighten school security, including installing strategically placed panic buttons on campuses and replacing existing entry windows with bullet-resistant glass. Voters overwhelmingly approved the improvement, which will be completed districtwide by 2020, in a $1.2 billion bond election in May.

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