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Iowa City Community district implements GuideK12 to support master plan

The district has implemented GuideK12’s geovisual analytics platform to support its 10-year master facility plan. The district currently serves 13,000 students, and is predicting rapid growth over the next ten years. Plans includes adding a third high school and three new elementary schools and renovations for two existing schools.

Texas confirms illegality of petition-initiated tax proposal

The Texas Attorney General ruled that last year's attempt to force a petition-initiated tax increase for the Harris County Department of Education on to the ballot violated state law. Proceeds were to be directed to an early childhood education training program operated by the Harris County School Readiness, a private group.

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Too many suspensions, too few science courses plague minority schools

Thousands of black, Hispanic and American Indian youngsters have higher suspension rates and much less exposure to science and technology classes, which can prepare students for lucrative careers. Schoolhouse inequalities should not be allowed to fester in a society where these minority populations will compose the majority by 2050.

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Universal school choice is clearest pathway to restore education

Unlike programs identified today as “school choice,” such as opportunity scholarships, charter schools and tax credits, universal choice transfers control of education back to parents. It allows public funds to follow the child to the school chosen by the parents. With parental control comes responsibility—a prerequisite to success.

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Indiana first state to drop Common Core

Gov. Mike Pence signed legislation making Indiana the first state to withdraw from the national Common Core education standards that have become a lightning rod for critics of federal government overreach.

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St. Louis district right to try a bold step to lift low-achieving schools

Opinions are mixed on whether students would benefit if St. Louis’ lowest-performing schools were run by nonprofit groups. Even without conclusive evidence, the superintendent's proposal to seek outside help is a sign of the urgency he feels to improve education for students in the district and his willingness to try new methods.

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Follett’s PreK-12 businesses unite as Follett School Solutions, Inc.

Follett’s PreK-12 businesses will become one legal entity named Follett School Solutions, Inc., effective April 1. The new entity will integrate the content and technology capabilities of Follett Educational Services, Follett Library Resources and Follett Software Company.

More pre-K, no layoffs for Rochester, N.Y., budget proposal

The 2014-15 school budget proposal focuses on expanding learning time and providing more arts, music and extracurriculars while closing a $42 million budget gap. The $784 million proposal, a 1.4 percent increase from last year, pays for about 28,100 students in city schools and another 4,100 in charter schools.

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Ky. district adds minutes to school days as snow day solution

The Fayette County Board of Education voted to add 15 minutes to the end of each school day beginning April 7 in order to finish the school year by June 6. Students missed 13 days due to snow, ice and cold and logged nine hours of late arrivals and early dismissals.

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Connecticut measure takes aim at chronic absenteeism

State lawmakers are considering a bill that aims to ensure that students who are chronically absent get help early. The bill, which advanced out of the education committee, calls for districts where 10 percent of students or more are chronically absent to establish a school attendance review team.

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