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U.S. seeks global solutions to stagnant scores

Once again, the United States has landed in the middle of the pack on an international assessment, leading education experts to question what top-performing nations are doing that our schools are not.

Motivation: The gas that fuels a child’s educational engine

Motivation drives how all students approach school, including how they relate to teachers, the time and effort they devote to their studies, the amount of support they seek when struggling, and their performance on tests. Increased motivation is directly linked to a greater conceptual understanding.

Wave of mobile devices stresses school bandwidth

Before purchasing tablets or creating BYOD policies, district leaders need to ensure that outdated school networks can handle the heavy lifting required to provide digital content for all students.

Push for more sleep for high schoolers intensifies

The national fight for later high school start times is gaining traction, as districts and activists join together to push for new policies that will allow students to get more rest.

Culture computes in Washington's Kent School District

Students whose families speak among 138 different languages learn together in the classrooms at Kent School District in Washington. To address the linguistic and economic challenges, administrators have worked hard to build innovative language and technology programs.

Can improved curriculum boost lagging NAEP results?

The results of the 2013 National Assessment of Educational Progress were “encouraging but modest,” according to Education Secretary Arne Duncan. Eighth graders made small gains in reading and mathematics, while fourth graders improved slightly in math but not reading.

School nurse shortages grow as budgets shrink

Reports of districts eliminating school nurses or replacing them with unlicensed staffers are increasing nationwide, and student health care is suffering as a result, nursing advocates say.

Superintendent rebuilds trust at a California district

Donald Brann, state trustee of Inglewood USD, has only been on the job six months, but already teachers and administrators are seeing that things are different from what they used to be.

How volunteer audit committees can protect districts

Tough economic conditions and shrinking revenues have increased competition for public funds. As a result, school districts are under intense scrutiny from state regulators and local taxpayers; any fiscal mismanagement receives harsh criticism.

Old skills make a comeback for the youngest students

Kindergarteners nationwide are stretching their small hands across keyboards to learn the basics of typing in preparation for the online Common Core assessments.