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Poetry lovers fear its role in schools is in decline

In Massachusetts, critics of new national education goals fear that poetry will become an endangered pursuit. While proponents say the federal standards are no less sensitive to rhyme and meter, the suggestion that poetry’s role in class could be diminished struck fear in the heart of some teachers and poets.

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Ky. school okays transgender non-discrimination policy

A Louisville high school's site-based council gave initial approval to a non-discrimination policy sparked by a controversy over a transgender student's access to a girls' bathroom. The Atherton High School policy bars discrimination based on a range of factors, including age, race or sexual orientation and will also now include gender identity.

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Elementary school ‘fails’ nearly double in annual Maine grading

The number of Maine elementary schools that got failing grades for the last academic year nearly doubled, according to statewide school report cards released by the state's Department of Education. Data shows that 52 elementary schools received F grades for the 2012-13 school year.

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Samsung Galaxy Tab 4 Education is ready for class

Samsung Electronics America announced the availability of the new Galaxy Tab 4 Education – its first tablet specifically designed to support scalable 1-to-1 computing initiatives in K12 schools. The rugged, student-friendly, 10.1-inch tablet integrates with Google Play for Education and can be managed easily via a web-based console.

The decline of public education

I believe the fundamental error we make is in trying to impose reforms from the top down. Real learning takes place when students become excited in the quest for knowledge and challenged to understand a complex problem and devise a solution for it, even if they get it wrong.

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Essential Questions DVD debuted by ASCD

ASCD released the new Essential Questions DVD, developed by Jay McTighe and Grant Wiggins, creators of the Understanding by Design framework . The new DVD, for use in professional learning communities and schools, explores how to design and frame essential questions to create a more stimulating environment for learning.

Living up to promise on Massachusetts regional busing

Imposing school transportation costs discourages otherwise sound regionalization programs in rural areas like the Berkshires from being instituted. To push regionalization, the state promised to pay for those costs. It has consistently failed to do so, leaving communities with transportation costs they feared would be their burden should regionalization come about.

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