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Brown v. Board, busing and Boston

Common sense says there’s a middle ground between keeping the races apart by law and pushing the races together by court order. Sixty years after Linda Brown finally got to walk to school, we’re still trying to accomplish the crucial task of preparing kids to succeed in a multiracial society.

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Web seminar: New Tools for Personalizing Literacy

Hear from an innovative superintendent and an industry expert about an interactive and intuitive platform that can enable personalized literacy learning both in school and at home.

High school GPA predicts future earnings

New research from the University of Miami discovers high school grade point average (GPA) is a strong predictor of whether one graduates from college and how much money a person makes in adulthood. The investigators analyzed men and women separately as data shows that men earn more in the workplace even though women have significantly higher GPAs.

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Extron Electronics debuts new Cable Cubby Series/2 versions

Extron Electronics has released new versions of all four of its Extron Cable Cubby Series/2 enclosures for AV connectivity and AC power. The Cable Cubby Series/2 includes the compact Cable Cubby 500, the mid-size Cable Cubby 700, the slim, low profile Cable Cubby 1200, and the double-sided, Cable Cubby 1400.

Kids InfoBits database launches redesign

The Kids InfoBits database has been redesigned with a modern interface, improved navigation, updated content and additional tools. Developed by Gale, Kids InfoBits is designed for students in kindergarten through grade five and addresses the way kids learn and conduct research.

New superintendent named for Moore County's 23 schools

Robert "Dr. Bob" Grimesey of Orange County, Va., was named to replace current Superintendent Aaron Spence for North Carolina's Moore County School District.

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Ike Haynes named as Mississippi district's superintendent

The Canton Public School Board voted to hire Jefferson Davis County School District Superintendent Ike Haynes to replace retiring Superintendent Dwight J. Luckett. After eight years at the helm, Luckett will retire June 30.

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Learning Upgrade unveils new math course

Learning Upgrade is releasing Math Upgrade 7, a course of multimedia, Common Core-aligned math lessons. The course includes an initial set of 50 lessons, with additional lessons added during the summer. Each full course takes students 20-25 hours, both in the classroom and at home, to complete and earn a certificate.

To combat truancy, California should follow Compton's lead

The Compton USD effort to address its truancy crisis began with a new strategy to improve communication about attendance between teachers and parents. It's going to take a concerted effort from legislators, school administrators, teachers, parents and local law enforcement to replicate Compton's results across the state.

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Social impact bonds offer results for social service investments

Paying for initiatives in public education has traditionally required a tax levy or issuance of bonds backed by government entities. But now there is a new experiment in Utah involving a public-private partnership: the social impact bond.

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