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60 years after Brown v. Board, how to stop schools from re-segregating

Sixty years after racial segregation was outlawed in schools, public education is again segregating along racial lines. And not just in the South, but across the United States.

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ASCD releases data reports for student success in 50 states

ASCD released new ASCD Whole Child Snapshots highlighting how well each state—and the nation—is meeting the comprehensive needs of its children. The snapshots feature data aligned with the five tenets of ASCD’s Whole Child Initiative—healthy, safe, engaged, supported, and challenged.

Goalbook adds resources to its Toolkit

Goalbook has expanded its web-based platform, Toolkit, to include research-based resources that allow teachers to better address social emotional learning (SEL) in the classroom.

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The Business Of: e-payments

A step for districts going paperless is to stop accepting cash or paper checks from parents. Many school systems have had vendors set up secure online portals where parents can pay for AP courses, lunches and field trips, among other items.

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On Topic: The SAT and social equity

University of San Francisco associate professor Richard Greggory Johnson III, who focuses on social equity and human rights, says the same problems that have historically plagued the SAT will remain in the updated version, and that the exam really isn’t needed at all.

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BYOD success stories

Districts that have implemented BYOD successfully have found building a powerful Wi-Fi network, developing explicit acceptable use policies, and communicating those policies clearly to students, parents and teachers are critical steps in the technology transition.

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PD evolves with the Common Core

As the new standards transform learning, teachers across the country are learning to implement new math systems, add informational texts and demand more of student writing. Meanwhile, a sharper distinction is emerging between training offered to elementary school teachers and to their peers in higher grades.

New York City funding to address overcrowding and arts education

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio touted education initiatives in his executive budget, including $4.4 billion to help address overcrowded classrooms over the next four years. He also spoke about an extra $20 million in the budget for arts education.

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Missouri Senate passes school transfer bill

The Missouri Senate passed a fix to the problem-plagued school transfer law. The bill allows students in St. Louis, St. Louis County, adjoining counties and Jackson County to transfer to private, non-religious schools, only if approved by local vote.

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San Francisco removes district-wide policy on headwear

Beginning next school year, San Francisco public schools can set their own policies on allowing students to wear hats, caps or other head coverings - rules previously regulated by the San Francisco USD. Fourteen of the California district's 19 high schools have already adopted rules on wearing hats in class.

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