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The Uncommon Thread and Scholastic Intervention Solutions join forces

The Uncommon Thread and Scholastic Intervention Solutions have joined forces under a new name. The Uncommon Thread - Powered by Scholastic Intervention Solution will integrate eLearning's administrative tools with remote support developed at SIS and behavior therapy and consultation services provided by The Uncommon Thread.

Fuel Education partners with Missouri district

Fuel Education is partnering with Missouri’s Grandview R-II School District to provide an online summer school solution for 7th through 12th grade students. Beginning early next month, students can opt to personalize their learning by enrolling in a course to get ahead, to take on an added challenge or to recover credit.

MIND Research Institute challenges K12 students to play with math

MIND Research Institute is sponsoring its first-ever Game-a-thon for K12 students. Following the theme “Math is Everywhere,” the Game-a-thon challenges students to design, build and share a game that features creative and unusual solutions to mathematical problems.

On education, let's ask those who care the most

Perhaps we should pursue this interesting idea further by asking parents and teachers why American kids don’t seem to do as well as others around the world. Maybe if we talked about high standards rather than “rigor,” we could have a conversation.

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Fighting childhood obesity

In recent months and years, we’ve started seeing early signs of progress in reversing childhood obesity, a health crisis that many believed was intractable. Despite these signs of progress, overall rates among school-aged youth remain high and there are significant racial and economic disparities in obesity prevalence among children.

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Washington school districts unlikely to secure No Child waiver

Since Washington lost its No Child Left Behind waiver last month, some school districts are discussing a district-level waiver as an option.

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New innovation school planning grants for three Massachusetts schools

Three more schools could be added to the growing list of those designated as innovation schools within Massachusetts. They will each receive a $75,000 fellowship grant that will enable the schools during the next year to establish a plan to open new innovation schools within their district.

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High school stadiums belong near schools, not downtown

Besides the questionable expense, a downtown stadium likely would erode community support for athletic events. Though Des Moines is a large city by Iowa standards, sports events at local schools make their neighborhoods feel like small towns. It should keep that feeling.

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Lowest spending-tax hikes in 2 decades in N.Y.'s Long Island

Long Island's 124 school districts have proposed some of the lowest spending and tax hikes in recent history for the 2014-2015 academic year. Spending across Nassau and Suffolk counties would rise 2.27 percent — the second-smallest average increase since 1996.

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New Florida law allows parent feedback on school textbooks

Florida lawmakers passed a bill putting school districts in charge of choosing school books and curriculum. They also are required to develop a policy where parents can object to his or her child's instructional material.

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