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Colorado principal honored for turning around elementary school

Doris Candelarie's success at Sanchez Elementary School in Boulder Valley, Colo. recently earned her the title of 2014 Colorado National Distinguished Principal of the Year. The award, given by the Colorado Association of Elementary School Principals, honors elementary principals who have exhibited "extraordinary leadership, commitment to their students and staff, service to the communities, and contributions to the overall profession."

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Madison schools chief admits error in elementary school shake-up

Madison School District superintendent Jennifer Cheatham concedes that administrators made mistakes in acting to remove a respected African-American teacher from a leadership position at a struggling southwest side elementary school.

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Performance Matters adds enhancements to the FASTe Observer

To help districts simplify the observation process for teacher evaluations, Performance Matters has added new enhancements to the FASTe Observer classroom observation tool. The newly released version includes an enhanced user interface.

Department of Defense agency awards contract to Schoology

The Department of Defense Education Activity (DoDEA) awarded a learning management system contract to Schoology. Schoology Enterprise will deliver instructional content to DoDEA's K12 students and allow collaboration inside and outside of the traditional K12 classroom.

Banning shock weapons in schools

Complaints about dangerous disciplinary practices involving shock weapons are cropping up all over the country. Many districts need to overhaul practices that criminalize too many young people. In the meantime, officials need to ban these weapons in schools.

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Arizona magnet schools compound integration woes

The Tucson USD may look at reducing the number of magnet schools despite fighting a recommendation by a desegregation expert last year to do that. The study found the district’s magnet schools may be hurting its effort to bring racial balance to its campuses.

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Yearlong legal battle between Florida district and county ends

With new school closure guidelines approved by Brevard Public Schools, county commissioners have agreed to drop their yearlong legal battle pending against the district. The new guidelines make the school-closing process more transparent and set direction for future closure decisions.

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Ohio's elementary school enrollment shrinking

State enrollment figures for the past five school years show that more than a third of central Ohio’s 49 districts have steadily added students, growing as much as 21 percent. In the rest of the state, most districts’ enrollments have declined.

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Colorado school district denies allegations of grade inflation

A Grand Junction district is denying allegations of grade inflation after several teachers testified that administrators pressured them to avoid giving students D's and F's in order to minimize complaints from parents and ensure extracurricular eligibility.

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In school rampages, the weapon matters

Last week's tragedy can't help but invoke memories of the mass shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School. The difference today is that, because the Murrysville, Pa., perpetrator chose to use knives, victims' families can look forward to a future with their loved ones—instead of planning their funerals.

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