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Penn. district proposes new career-focused high school

Allentown is planning to open a new career-focused high school emphasizing a smaller learning environment, project-based learning, internships and 21st-century skills. The district would lease a building, use teachers from its existing faculty and cover the new school's expenses through grants and the district's general fund.

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Calif. city's district to expand access to after-school programs

The San Francisco USD's board approved a resolution committing to increase access to after-school programs for its 26,005 K5 students. Beginning in the 2014-2015 school year, the district will seek to expand the capacity at schools where more space is needed for after-school programs already in place.

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Louisiana school voucher assignments delayed 10 days due to court order

The order outlines information that the state must provide for the Justice Department to monitor the voucher program, which the federal government contends might have worsened public school segregation. Data on applicants and the private schools they are to attend must be provided 10 days before alerting families and schools.

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Drawing the disciplinary line with "use" of imaginary weapons in schools

School suspensions over things that could not possibly be guns have been going on for years. School violence is indeed a real threat. In regard to punishments, school officials here are exercising discretion without oversight, and their snap decisions on imaginary weapons are affecting real futures.

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Cleveland find $15 milion to reduce cuts planned for next school year

The city's schools will have their budgets cut by $5.2 million next year, instead of the previously predicted $21 million. The extra $15 million the administration is able to give schools comes from higher-than-expected property tax collections, and more than $10 million in savings in this year’s budget.

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College dropout rates decrease as high school student readiness increases

A new ACT research report shows a clear link between student academic readiness and college dropout and transfer rates. The findings suggest students at the greatest risk of dropping out are those who earn lower ACT college readiness assessment scores.

New white paper from MIND Research Institute

MIND Research Institute released a new white paper, “Better Blends With Visual Game-Based Math.” Covering the benefits of a blended learning model for both teachers and students, the paper describes various ways MIND’s ST Math program can personalize digital learning while being part of a core mathematics curriculum.

Brain Parade releases update to autism learning application

An update to the company's See.Touch.Learn. Pro 3.0 iPad application has been launched. The visual learning and assessment tool now offers student data tracking, an automatic exercise generator and an interactive wizard that clearly demonstrates each feature of the app.

Chicago finds an extra $70 million for school budgets

While the city's public school officials continue to say there will be a budget crisis until pension reform is achieved, the district said cost-cutting and a one-time accounting maneuver will provide an additional $70 million for school budgets in the coming year.

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Newark, N.J., building three new schools

Newark will soon start the construction of three Newark schools that have been in development for years. The new construction is in addition to money pledged for repairing other city schools.

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