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Wyoming Senate panel puts brakes on school construction

Members of the Senate Appropriations Committee objected to some K12 school building projects appearing on the design and construction list without appearing to go through the initial planning step under the established process.

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Is New York City's charter school fight indicative of a national trend?

When does a local education fight become a national bellwether? When it touches a policy lightning rod, scrambles partisan allegiances and involves political actors who stand in for whole political ideologies.

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Houston ISD trustees need new school closing policies

In the next week, the district will be making the difficult decision about closing neighborhood schools. What is needed is a new set of policies that address the underlying pathology behind school closure. If we do not do this, we will find ourselves having this same discussion year after year.

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North Carolina school board OKs controversial redistricting plan

The Union County School Board, in a surprise vote, approved a redistricting plan before an upset crowd that will require 3,200 out of 41,800 students to switch schools. The plan was amended to exempt current fourth and seventh-graders and all high school students, as long as they provided their own transportation.

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The Common Core's unsung benefit: It teaches kids to be good citizens

Common Core is not just about college and career readiness. It is also deeply and explicitly focused on preparing students for the rights and responsibilities of citizenship.

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Many Ohio high school students text and drive, survey shows

Almost half of the students text or email while driving, only one in five are eating their fruits and veggies every day and an increasing number are playing video games for more than three hours a day, according to the Ohio Department of Health's Youth Risk Behavior Survey.

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2014 is a bad year for school budgets in Vermont

A new statewide tally shows 35 out of 252 school budgets were defeated in town meeting voting, the most since 2003, as voters reacted to the possibilities of increased local school tax rates and state property rates.

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Director - Special Education

Utah Senate passes bill to tweak school grading

A bill was advanced to tweak how letter grades are given to schools based on year-end testing and graduation rates. One change would end the practice of giving an automatic F grade if schools fail to test at least 95 percent of students.

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Wake County, N.C. board opposes state's teacher tenure elimination law

The school board passed a resolution opposing the state’s plan to offer pay raises to top teachers in return for giving up tenure rights. They charged that the new contracts would hurt teachers’ morale, inhibit their spirit of collaboration and would not fairly pay enough teachers for their hard work.

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