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Test teachers, but first train them

edTPA, the new teacher performance assessment in New York, has been built by the profession for the profession. Unfortunately, the current implementation of the edTPA is not serving the teaching profession as it should.

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Statewide poll links Pa. public education, economic development

Terry Madonna Opinion Research's Spring 2014 Omnibus Survey shows large majorities of registered voters in Pennsylvania believe public schools have an effect on the economy, the investment in public schools should be larger and a school funding formula should be used to ensure fair distribution.

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Fortres Grand's Clean Slate wipes computer changes

Fortres Grand Corporation released Clean Slate Version 7 for Windows 8.1/8/7 support. Clean Slate offers hard drive protection which discards unwanted computer changes at log off and reboot, restoring the computer to its original configuration.

Tornado destroys brand new Arkansas school

A brand new, $14 million school is among the wreckage after a half-mile-wide tornado swept through the Little Rock suburb of Vilonia. The tornado was described as leveling the intermediate school, which had been set to open this fall.

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Philadelphia district redesigns school evaluations

The Pennsylvania district has redesigned its school report cards, making it easier to compare schools with the same grade spans and similar demographics. The report cards measure academic achievement, progress, school climate and top performers. For high schools, college and career readiness is also measured.

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Familiar video games find homes in schools

As part of a movement that aims to motivate kids through familiar technology, teachers are tapping the creative power of games such as Minecraft, Assassin's Creed and World of Warcraft to educate students in everything from history to engineering to biology.

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Second largest Alabama district buys out superintendent's contract

Stephen Nowlin has stepped down as superintendent of Jefferson County Schools, just 18 months after accepting the job, after being offered a buyout of his contract by the board of education.

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Kickboard adds bubble sheet grading, powered by Gradecam

Kickboard released an enhancement to its instructional management solution. Using the new bubble sheet grading feature, powered by GradeCam, teachers can instantly grade multiple-choice assessments using their computer’s web camera with scores being immediately available in Kickboard.

New California school focuses on innovation

Bonsall High will be a New Tech model school, one of about 150 in the nation and 20 in California. The model focuses intensely on collaborative, project-based learning among other strategies designed to enhance critical thinking skills to prepare students for college or careers.

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New York backs adding speed cameras to city school zones

The State Assembly authorized hundreds of new speed cameras for school zones in New York City and Long Island, endorsing a key part of New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio's plan to reduce traffic fatalities.

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