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Why principals should be wary of homework

Few topics generate as much debate in education as homework. Experts disagree on its educational value, and research offers little clarification. Teachers and parents vary in how much homework they think children should do. So where do principals fit into the homework system?

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Rethinking professional learning in the digital age

When planning the implementation of a huge technology initiative, where audio enhancement and camera technologies would be placed in 552 classrooms over the summer of 2013, one school district's technology director says he knew that the key to success was rethinking how professional learning is delivered.

A school bus is not a billboard

For parents in many Massachusetts towns, writing a check for school-bus transportation is routine. But as painful as those bus fees may be, it could be worse: We could be writing checks so that our children can climb on school buses papered with ads.

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Suspensions at R.I. schools down; rates for minority students high

Although the total number of suspensions in Rhode Island public schools has declined dramatically, minority students are suspended at disproportionately higher rates than their white peers, according to the Rhode Island Affiliate of the American Civil Liberties Union.

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National Common Core test not for La. high schools until 2016—if at all

Louisiana lawmakers introduced bills to drop the new national tests that measure the Common Core math and English standards. The Education Department's decision to postpone testing in the state for one year in November means it is already too late to use the tests in 2015-16.

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New money, new plans for 2 troubled Philadelphia schools

Blaine Elementary and W.D. Kelley will use $3 million in grant money from the private Philadelphia School Partnership to transform themselves. They were chosen due to the large numbers of students they received from schools the district closed in June.

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Knowre named in Fast Company’s top 10 innovative ed companies

KnowRe, an educational technology company with an adaptive mathematics curriculum, was listed in Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies 2014 series as one of The World’s Top 10 Most Innovative Companies in Education.

Contract signed for new Arizona school superintendent

Incoming Gilbert Public Schools Superintendent Christina Kishimoto officially signed a 3-year contract to begin July 1. She currently serves in the same role for the Hartford Public Schools district in Connecticut.

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Michael Popp named as new East Aurora, Ill., superintendent

Michael Popp, a 24-year veteran of Indian Prairie School District 204, was selected as East Aurora School District’s next superintendent less than two weeks after the board’s first choice reversed his decision to accept the superintendent position.

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Nampa, Idaho names new superintendent

David Peterson, currently with Washington's North Mason School District, will officially take the helm as Nampa's new superintendent as of July 1.

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