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Follett’s PreK-12 businesses unite as Follett School Solutions, Inc.

Follett’s PreK-12 businesses will become one legal entity named Follett School Solutions, Inc., effective April 1. The new entity will integrate the content and technology capabilities of Follett Educational Services, Follett Library Resources and Follett Software Company.

More pre-K, no layoffs for Rochester, N.Y., budget proposal

The 2014-15 school budget proposal focuses on expanding learning time and providing more arts, music and extracurriculars while closing a $42 million budget gap. The $784 million proposal, a 1.4 percent increase from last year, pays for about 28,100 students in city schools and another 4,100 in charter schools.

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Ky. district adds minutes to school days as snow day solution

The Fayette County Board of Education voted to add 15 minutes to the end of each school day beginning April 7 in order to finish the school year by June 6. Students missed 13 days due to snow, ice and cold and logged nine hours of late arrivals and early dismissals.

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Connecticut measure takes aim at chronic absenteeism

State lawmakers are considering a bill that aims to ensure that students who are chronically absent get help early. The bill, which advanced out of the education committee, calls for districts where 10 percent of students or more are chronically absent to establish a school attendance review team.

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Wisconsin districts drop federal lunch program

The Waterford districts have decided to opt out of the the federal lunch program due to the new, more stringent federal requirements for healthier school food. Although they will lose the federal subsidies for serving free or reduced-price meals to low-income students, the districts will continue to cover the costs of those meals.

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Training for Texas school marshals begins

The school marshal program was created as a result of the passage of House Bill 1009, the Protection of Texas Children Act. The program will include a mental health evaluation and emergency situation and firearm proficiency training.

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Kansas House GOP introduces new, $129 million school finance bill

House leaders introduced a new school finance bill after scrapping the original House Bill 2774, which contained 23 pages on charter schools that were slipped into the bill without the knowledge of House leadership on Thursday. The new bill allocates $129 million to help close funding gaps between districts identified by the Supreme Court.

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Philadelphia schools plan to bypass seniority

The city will impose work rules allowing principals to fill teacher vacancies in the fall without regard to seniority. The district also asked the state Supreme Court to declare that the School Reform Commission has the power under the state takeover law to make the changes on its own, without approval of the teachers' union.

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Delaying new standardized testing in N.J. benefits schools, students

Increases in academic rigor, use of technology in assessing student performance and professional accountability for teachers and administrators all represent a positive direction—but without expanding capacity in New Jersey’s districts, it may well be impossible to successfully implement these initiatives. What’s the rush?

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Minnesota superintendent heads to Iowa

Stillwater Area Schools Superintendent Corey Lunn has accepted a position as superintendent at Johnston School District in Iowa. Lunn’s three-year contract with Stillwater expires after this year. His new role is expected to begin July 1.

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