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Draft of Indiana’s new K12 academic standards to be released

The draft is expected to be released Wednesday as part of a fast-paced schedule allowing the State Board of Education to vote on a final version in early April, so teachers can plan fall course ¬lessons.

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Nevada board may limit superintendent’s authority with admin hires

Clark County may return to an old policy that required the superintendent to obtain board permission in public meetings for changes to admin personnel following a case allegedly involving a high-ranking official inappropriately influencing a hire.

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Mandate extracurricular activities for Colorado students

Students should have a choice of which extracurricular programs they participate in. However, they should not have the choice to not participate at all.

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NY boards to vote on allowing limited vet tax break

Late last year, the state gave school districts the option of granting tax breaks to people who have served in the military. Those breaks are already allowed in county and town taxes.

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Here's why NYC doesn't cancel school, even in brutal snowstorms

Chancellor Carmen Farina clarified that a big part of the decision to keep schools open comes down to the fact that if schools are closed, many children don't eat.

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Few minority and female students took computer science AP exam in 2013

The College Board released its annual report on AP exam participation and performance, noting that a vast majority of AP Computer Science test-takers in 2013 were white males.

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Philadelphia chief faces down budget cuts and crises

William R. Hite Jr., the superintendent of one of the nation’s poorest cities, is known as a man who prefers collaboration to confrontation, but he has spent the academic year taking no prisoners.

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Santa Clara County chief chosen as lone finalist to head Texas district

Xavier De La Torre has been selected as the remaining candidate for superintendent of El Paso’s Ysleta ISD, which has 45,000 students in about five dozen schools.

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Sunburst and Digital Directions ink partnership for HELP Math

The agreement establishes Sunburst Digital as the sole supplier in the U.S. of Digital Directions International’s HELP Math, an online math intervention program system.

ASCD releases four professional development publications

ASCD launched three new professional development books and a new ASCD Arias publication for educators.