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Baltimore Chief Alonso Resigns

Baltimore schools CEO Andres Alonso, whose bold yet divisive reforms led to a drastic shift in the city's educational landscape, will step down June 30, school board Chairman Neil Duke has confirmed.

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Newark Charter Embroiled in Controversy

Now in its sixth year, the Adelaide L. Sanford Charter School was supposed to be a better place for hundreds of kids in a district that has long failed its students. However, an examination of the school and its leadership reveals a faltering institution that provides bare-bones learning facilities while using millions of dollars in state and federal aid, bolstering a real estate fiefdom controlled by the school’s founder, Fredrica Bey.

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Stories of Struggle and Creativity as Sequestration Cuts Hit Home

The $85 billion in federal budget cuts known as sequestration are beginning to be felt far from the nation’s capital. Facing the task of cutting 142 children from the Head Start program in Colorado Springs this fall, the teachers and administrators came up with a creative response: Have the children decorate empty chairs, then sell them for $500 apiece to stave off the worst of the across-the-board federal cuts heading their way.

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A Nation at Risk: 30 Years Later

Industry experts gathered to discuss what has changed--and hasn’t--since “A Nation at Risk: The Imperative for Educational Reform” was published

Boston to Boost Scrutiny of School Workers’ Records

Boston Public Schools, in a push to beef up background checks on employees, will meet the requirements of a new state law mandating that all staff be fingerprinted, and will go a step further by scouring court documents to see if a string of “nonconvictions” is a sign of questionable character.

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Ore. District Names New Principals at Middle Schools and Elementary

Hillsboro School District has named new principals at Brown Middle, South Meadows Middle and Rosedale Elementary schools to fill retirements and other changes.

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Donald Oakes Returns to School in Miss.

Whenever faced with impending leadership voids during the past 13 years, Vicksburg Warren School District has turned to one man for transitional guidance.

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Geography Lessons Make a World of Difference in Education

A new nationwide survey finds overwhelming public support for geography at all levels of education and recognizes the discipline’s value in government and business.

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The N.Y.C. Board of Ed Lives On, If Only to Be Sued

Many lawyers and their clients have discovered that if you have a legal complaint against New York’s public school system, you cannot fight City Hall.

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Debunking the Persistent Myth of Lagging U.S. Schools

Beliefs that are debatable or even patently false may be repeated so often that at some point they come to be accepted as fact. We seem to have crossed that threshold with the claim that U.S. schools are significantly worse than those in most other countries.

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