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Suit claims New York state shortchanged city schools during recession

New York State has shortchanged the entire public school system by billions of dollars, ignoring an agreement that followed a landmark court ruling in 2006, according to a lawsuit to be filed this week by an education advocacy group.

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Charlotte, N.C., charter school dreams fade in start-up turmoil

Less than four months after StudentFirst charter school opened, those dreams collapsed amid allegations of mismanagement, nepotism and financial irregularities. Overdue bills had the school on the brink of bankruptcy. Students were going without textbooks, losing teachers and taking long naps during the day, consultants reported. The board of directors fired school founders Handford and Moss, who are now suing the board they once recruited.

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California district's workforce training goes all business

Business leaders visit classes to give students a head start after high school in a specific trade, preparing them for a higher education degree and helping them learn how to pursue jobs. And it has become an entryway not only into the professional world, but also into learning the basic skills needed to survive adulthood.

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Wake County students attend school on Saturday

Thousands of Wake County, N.C., students spent the first of four Saturday mornings in school recently to make up snow days. School officials say that the 38 multitrack year-round schools hold make-up days on Saturdays because they don’t have the space or time on weekdays. In the multitrack calendar, students are in class every week except winter break and the first week of July.

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Columbus, Ohio district may close seven buildings

Administrators in Ohio's largest school district are weighing a plan to close seven buildings, including two high schools, forcing relocation of 2,500 students. A decision in favor of shuttering Brookhaven and Independence high schools would mark the first high school closures in the district in more than 30 years.

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Wisconsin Senate will not pursue school sanctions

There's "no appetite" for passing a bill this year that imposes sanctions against poorly performing public or private voucher schools, says Republican Senate Majority Leader Scott Fitzgerald. Instead, the Senate will pursue a more limited school accountability bill that focuses on having private schools report the same data as public schools without a major overhaul of the report card.

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Education report: Arizona ranks low in many areas

Guaranteeing Arizona kids a stellar education is no easy task. A few shining star schools rise to the top, but overall the state ranks 47th in education spending and 43rd in quality in the nation. Perhaps most disturbing, a diminishing educated workforce has potential long-term effects for the state’s economy.

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AmeriCorps: Changing the education story

Whenever the talk begins about our nation making quality education a priority, it's no surprise that some may be cynical. After all, we have too many children entering school unprepared, too many falling behind early, and too many dropping out before graduation. Why can't we change this story? The truth is, we can—and we are.

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Businesses are changing how they support education, report finds

The business community is changing the way it supports the nation’s education system by moving away from simply funding programs to building long-term partnerships, and moving toward helping students achieve more in school and be better prepared for the workforce, according to a new report.

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Web Seminar: Engaging the Community Through Automated Communications

The latest notification systems enable district administrators to communicate instantly and across a variety of platforms to parents, teachers, staff and communities. Attend this web seminar to hear from a director of educational technology and a 15-year educational leadership veteran about their experiences using this technology in their districts.