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Utah superintendent says their schools among world's most effective, efficient

Summarizing his view of the state of public education in Utah, Superintendent Martell Menlove said the school system is "amazingly successful but with ever-present needs for improvement." Menlove's remarks came during the annual State of Education Address at M. Lynn Bennion Elementary School.

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Gov. Christie's approach to conditions at N.J. urban schools called 'callous, benign neglect'

For more than 25 years, I’ve opposed state takeovers of public schools. I do not believe the state has the ability to improve the quality of education of New Jersey’s urban schools. The track record for school takeovers in New Jersey has been questionable at best.

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Hundreds turn out in Las Cruces for 'Take Back Education' rally

Mayfield High School junior Jacqueline Sanchez will take 14 standardized tests this year. "We are no longer tested based on what is taught," Jacqueline told a crowd of students, parents and educators Wednesday evening. "We are taught based on what is being tested, and that is abusive."

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Mass. gov. candidates make their stand on education

Charlie Baker spent his morning at Rogers Middle School in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Boston. The Massachusetts Candidate for Governor was shadowing Curtis Cowts as part of the city's principal for a day program, where leaders from government to business to the arts see the highs and lows first-hand of running a Boston school.

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California schools to see first Proposition 39 money

Inland schools in Pomona, Calif., will get $12.7 million in Prop. 39 funds to plan energy-efficiency projects for school districts and charter schools. The initiatives will help create jobs, protect the environment, save money, and create teachable moments for students.

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Seattle education activists arrested for trespassing

Four men were arrested for trespassing at a Seattle school building where their organization taught a culturally-based curriculum for African-American students. Representatives from Seattle Public Schools, which owns the off-campus Horace Mann building, said that the district wanted to renovate the facility and called the police because some members of the organization refused to leave.

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Education secretary loses some of his luster

If Americans know Education Secretary Arne Duncan for anything at this point, it would be as the guy who last week said that opposition to national K12 educational standards sprang from "white suburban moms" who feared that tougher requirements would reveal their children to be not as "brilliant" as they thought.

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Assembly grills education department on student-data privacy

The New York State Assembly criticized plans to create a statewide website to store students' test scores and make the information available to parents. Assembly members spent two hours Wednesday questioning Education Commissioner John King about potential security breaches in the system.

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Texas legislative education chairs fight Algebra II requirement

Efforts to require that most Texas high school students take Algebra II under new graduation standards suffered a blow Wednesday when the chairmen of the House and Senate education committees flatly rejected the idea.

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The human cost of short-term teaching

Professional opinion: Teaching requires insight into children’s feelings and experiences, and the ability to guide them through the seismic shifts of childhood with a steady, knowing hand.