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Urban Middle Class Boosts School Diversity

As taped piano music plays, Ashley Brown issues a stream of commands. Firm and insistent, she strides around the tiny studio and puts her third-period ballet students through their steady, rhythmic paces.

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Children’s Physical Activity Guidelines

Dr. Gregory Welk communicates the necessity of daily physical activity for children, provides guidelines for meeting daily activity requirements, and discusses the positive correlation between physical activity and classroom learning.

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Action for Healthy Kids

Nutrition and Physical Education experts address the issues of childhood undernourishment and obesity, and support school districts in increasing opportunities for children to conquer these issues.

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Solutions Products and Short Throw Projectors make learning faster and teaching easier

Find out about the new products designed for compatibility with high performance projectors and for better productivity in your classroom!

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Geovisual analytics is revolutionizing district decision-making.

Find out how this new technology can inform your most important decisions.

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Healthy Steps Forward

Dannon Institute and District Administration have teamed up to provide important information on school wellness policies and improving student health.

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Comptroller Issues Report on Education Debt in Texas

Today in Austin, Texas Comptroller Susan Combs released the third report in a series focused on transparency entitled, "Texas It’s Your Money."

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Advocates: Early Education Key to Reducing Crime

The key to eradicating crime and violent behavior, say organizers with the nonprofit Fight Crime: Invest in Kids Pennsylvania, is to invest more resources in early care and child education.

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Oklahoma Board of Ed Releases School Grades

More than 90 percent of schools across the state of Oklahoma received a grade of C or higher, with nearly 50 percent receiving a B.

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