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Federal jury awards $1 million against Texas district in discrimination, abuse case

Evidence showed that Terrence Rideau, who is now 16, suffered broken bones, cuts and other injuries as a special education student at Keller Middle School from 2008-2010. Because of his mental and physical disabilities, which resulted from an allergic reaction to medicine as an infant, Terence is not able to communicate any details about how he was injured.

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Massachusetts school district boosts student engagement rates by 400 percent

Lingo Jingo, the online learning and teaching platform, was selected by the Scituate school district in June 2013 to replace a summer program intended to reinforce Spanish and French language skills for more than 700 middle and high school students.

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Elmer's launches "Early Learners" product line for preschoolers

Triangular in shape, the Elmer's Early Learners glue stick and glue pen help preschoolers by encouraging the development of critical fine motor skills, including the precise pincer grasp, the pre-writing tripod grasp and active manipulation of objects, which are highly predictive of academic success in elementary school reading and math.

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New cyberbullying messages stick it to social networks

To counter bullying culture, MySecuritySign's #TakeNoBullies campaign aims to help create a positive digital world. The campaign is adding six new positive social media stickers and buttons to its line.

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Schoology releases Resource Apps, makes third-party content more effective for students and instructors

Schoology’s Resource Apps mark a new frontier of interoperability between education technologies and external content. Until now, instructors and students could only embed links to outside resources, resulting in a disconnected user experience.

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Extron now shipping Media Presentation Switcher with DTP Extension

The MPS 602 is available in three models: a non-amplified version with a variable preamp output, the MPS 602 SA that adds a stereo 4/8 ohm power amplifier, and the MPS 602 MA with a mono 70 volt amplifier.

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Standard for Success partners with Social Net Watcher to assist schools in monitoring cyber bullying, school violence threats

Now at the push of a button, teachers and administrators will have the additional option to connect to the Social Net Watcher software without having to log out of their Standard for Success profile.

NAESP Recognizes Distinguished Principals during National Principals Month

Outstanding elementary and middle school principals from across the nation and abroad have been named 2013 National Distinguished Principals (NDPs) by the National Association of Elementary School Principals (NAESP).

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Pittsburgh Public Schools students rally for new student bill of rights

Campaign comes after one student says she realized on visit to the Carnegie Mellon University campus that "I wasn't even close to being ready for college."

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