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LearnSprout Hits Stride, Registers 3,300 Schools in Three Months

LearnSprout, the first universal application programming interface (API) for K-12 education announced last week that it had registered more than 3,300 schools for its new Dashboard product.

Calif.'s Schools Chief Wants to Hold Off on Some Standardized Tests

A plan to suspend California's standardized testing for certain grades while new computerized exams are developed could save $15 million, the state's top education official said.

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Nashville's Battle Over Charters

As Metro schools officials dig in to halt legislation that would create a new state panel able to authorize charter schools, their final argument is a fiscal one: protecting the purse of Metro government.

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More Teachers Are Grouping Kids By Ability

New findings based on more than 20 years of research suggest that despite decades of controversy, elementary school teachers now feel fine placing students in "ability groups."

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Nine High Schools, One Roof in NYC

Mayor Michael R. Bloomberg has made closing large, low-performing high schools like Adlai E. Stevenson High School in the Bronx a linchpin of his reform strategy. In the big schools’ place, he opened smaller, often theme-based schools designed to give students a more supportive educational experience.

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New Ohio Chief is Up for Challenge

Mark Kleinhans says he knows he’s in for a challenge in moving to the Bedford Public Schools as superintendent, but he’s confident he'll be equal to it.

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Andrew Croley Will be Off and Running as New Mo. Principal

Croley believes success in high school isn't only about instruction in the classroom.

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Children's Worst Threat Should Be Boredom

If you're reading this, you probably spent years of your childhood in the classroom. And the memory that suffuses my school days is boredom.

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Maryland Education Foundation Grants $17,822

At what Chairman Dave Allegretto called the group's "favorite" event of the year, the Ocean City (Md.) Education Foundation gave away $17,822 in educational grants on Friday. Awards covered all three Ocean City schools — ranging from a new dance floor for the dance fitness program in the high school's successful School Choice program to a new scoreboard for use in Intermediate School and community athletic events and classes to laptop computers for use by first-graders at the Primary School.

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Massachusetts Towns Looking for Early Education Support

Framingham, Massachusetts' B.L.O.C.K.S. preschool program is in many ways the "front line" of education, says director Rosario Alvarez-O'Neil. "We're able to figure out what we need to do with each child," she said, giving those students a critical head start once they reach grade school. But up until now, the state's early childhood education infrastructure has been underfunded compared to the K12 system, preschool advocates say.

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