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Powell Jobs Engages Education Secretary Duncan on School Reform

On Wednesday, Laurene Powell Jobs, widow of Apple cofounder Steve Jobs, seemed happy to defer the spotlight to U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan as the pair chatted on stage at the NewSchools Summit in partnership with The Aspen Institute in Burlingame, Calif. Powell Jobs turned from interview subject to inquisitor as she quizzed Duncan on improving the nation’s education system.

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The ‘Componentized’ School of the Future, Built in 90 Days

Project Frog built a school in a warehouse. Or at least, part of a school. The “componentized” building company — Frog management dislikes the terms “prefab” and “modular” — put up a life-size model of one classroom, a hall, and a couple other rooms in their warehouse on a San Francisco pier.

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Police Seize Columbus, Ohio School Records

Police officers showed up at Columbus high schools on Thursday morning and into the afternoon to seize records the state auditor is seeking in his investigation of the district’s handling of data.

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Students at San Diego High School Suspended for 'Twerking'

A group of high school students has been suspended from Scripps Ranch High School and may not be able to attend prom or walk during commencement ceremonies because of a video made at school that depicts “twerking,” a suggestive manner of dancing.

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Surprise Shooting Drill Shocks Teachers at Oregon School

Teachers attending a meeting at a small school in rural Oregon last Friday were shocked when two masked men wearing hoodies burst into the conference room and pretended to open fire. The surprise shooting drill at Pine Eagle Charter School in Halfway was designed to test the school's preparation for an assault by "active shooters," The Oregonian reported.

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Massachusetts Principal Fires Security Guards to Hire Art Teachers

The community of Roxbury had high hopes for its newest public school back in 2003. There were art studios, a dance room, even a theater equipped with cushy seating. But the dream of a school founded in the arts, a school that would give back to the community as it bettered its children, never materialized.

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ST Math

Interactive math software that helps meet the requirements of the Common Core and develops students’ critical thinking as it transforms learning.

Consumer Technologies Enter Schools

Challenges for CIOs through BYOD, 4G, open networks and more.

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ACLU Files Lawsuit Over Fla. Gay-Straight Middle School Club

The ACLU Wednesday filed a lawsuit in federal court on behalf of eighth-grader Bayli Silberstein who's been blocked for months from starting a Gay-Straight Alliance at Carver Middle School in Leesburg.

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