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Grand Prairie ISD to deliver largest professional development event in school history in partnership with Discovery Education

On August 15 and 16, nearly 90 members from the Discovery Education team will conduct professional development sessions to support Grand Prairie’s 2,400 educators in utilizing digital resources and proven instructional practices to enhance student learning.

The trouble with choosing the right school for your kids

In his revealing book “Coming Apart: The State of White America, 1960-2010,” Charles Murray spends hundreds of pages using statistics to illustrate the rising inequality that is increasingly putting the white working class on the path toward generational poverty.

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Teach Philly how to fish for its school budget

Philadelphia’s problems with its schools are due to its being one of the poorest cities in America. That didn’t happen by accident. Choices were made that drove businesses, jobs, and taxpayers out of the city. Our poverty is directly related to high tax rates, irrational tax structure, corruption, mismanagement, and misplaced spending priorities.

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Lowell (Mass.) board member drafting anti-nepotism measure

School committee member Kim Scott is drafting an anti-nepotism regulation for the school department after learning that a second close relative of Deputy Superintendent Jay Lang has been promoted to a higher-paying job.

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New Orleans charter school recommends candidate for CEO

The committee charged with recommending a chief executive officer for Lycée Français de la Nouvelle-Orléans (La.) recommended a candidate Thursday morning for the charter school’s top spot—and they want him to start Monday.

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Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel introduces new gun penalties near schools

Facing criticism from parents worried about their children traveling through dangerous neighborhoods to new schools, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel staked out a get-tough stance Wednesday proposing stiffer penalties for gun crimes near schools.

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Fed up Texas teachers refuse to teach summer school

Summer school in Dallas is lacking one critical component. On Tuesday, classes began in the Dallas Independent School District with about 6,000 students, and a very limited amount of teachers.

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Two-thirds of school recreational facilities are inadequate

A Milwaukee-area community organization has found that two-thirds of the outdoor athletic and recreational facilities at public schools throughout the county are in terrible, poor or fair condition, a recently released report shows.

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Brunswick (Maine) board considers building new elementary school

A new elementary school could be in the town’s future if this week's school board discussions gain any traction. But that could mean delaying renovation work at the junior high school. Board members at the meeting agreed that a $38 million project to renovate Coffin Elementary School and Brunswick Junior High School would be too costly for the town to do all at once.

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Staff-development essentials: Effective online presentations

It may seem expensive to budget to do online in-service education well, but it costs more in the long-run to do it poorly, and even more to skip it altogether.