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Bring back real math to Seattle schools

In the past decade, the Seattle School Board chose “discovery math” books for the public schools. The chance to correct these mistaken decisions begins next year with new texts for grades K-5.

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The corporate takeover of public education

Independent research in recent months has documented that the nation's wealthiest philanthropic foundations are steering funding away from public school systems, attended by 90 percent of American students, and toward "challengers" to public education, especially charter schools.

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School districts grapple with looming fiscal crisis

For decades, public workers, including teachers, have been promised pensions and health care benefits when they retire. As more baby boomers do so, states are starting to pay out – and coming to grips with the fact that they’ve negotiated themselves into a fiscal crisis.

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Some Indiana schools cut hours of part-time workers to avoid federal health care requirements

Schools across Indiana are cutting back the hours of teacher assistants, bus drivers, cafeteria workers and other aides to avoid having to offer them health insurance under the federal health-care employer mandate that begins next year.

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Governors would get more say on schools under GOP proposals to rewrite No Child Left Behind

Education Secretary Arne Duncan and his successors would be relegated to cheerleaders for the nation's schools, and governors would be put in charge of classrooms under companion bills Senate and House Republicans introduced Thursday.

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Are the Chicago Public Schools enrollment figures for closing schools reliable?

The district's new enrollment figure may be inflated, as administrators at some closing schools said that because they were under pressure to get children signed up, they went ahead and enrolled students whose parents could not be contacted.

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Obama promises high-speed Internet in most schools in 5 years

President Obama has called on the Federal Communications Commission to expand an existing program to provide discounted high-speed Internet service to schools and libraries, even if it means increasing the fees that for years had been added to consumers’ phone bills.

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To have successful digital classrooms, we need bandwidth

Across the country, the school year is drawing to a close. Students are taking tests and packing up their backpacks. They are counting down, as they always do, to the last day of class. Though no comparable countdown exists, what is also drawing to a close is the analog era of education.

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Raleigh, N.C. public school students take too many tests, governor says

Raleigh Public school students take too many tests, Gov. Pat McCrory told education leaders Wednesday, and the state needs to figure out how to lighten the load. During a meeting with the State Board of Education, McCrory said he has instructed his new senior education adviser, Eric Guckian, to identify which tests are unnecessary and report back by the end of the summer.

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CIO News: Schools accelerate shift to digital

Districts are trading print for digital textbooks, with 22 states making significant digital content policy changes in recent years—altering the definition of a textbook and encouraging flexible funding.