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Schools fail when it comes to teaching history

A new scholarly report by the Boston-based Pioneer Institute raises the specter of the serious study of U.S. history being left in the dustbin of modern, revisionist American history.

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University, school district cooperation suggested to produce better principals

In order to produce more effective principals, universities and school districts should form relationships in which both can serve each other’s needs.

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Kids Read Now to speak at Clinton economic growth conference

Troy nonprofit organization Kids Read Now will participate in the 2013 meeting of Clinton Global Initiative America in Chicago June 13–14. CGI America will be hosted by President Bill Clinton, Former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Rodham Clinton and Clinton Foundation Board Member Chelsea Clinton.

Sibme launches new iPhone/iPad app connecting teachers with peers and coaches

Sibme, an education technology company dedicated to the idea that great kids deserve great teachers, has launched a new iPhone/iPad app that allows teachers to easily record their lessons and upload them for review sessions with peers, coaches and instructional leaders.

Early childhood education makes all the difference

We have known for years that too many children lack competencies fundamental to their school success. This unfortunately happens because of things they don’t learn by age 5—most notably in the areas of spoken language and literacy, self-regulation, social-emotional competence and early math.

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Newark school reforms must include parents

When reforms are implemented with little or no input from the community, there is going to be a level of frustration and lack of ownership because there is no buy-in. These conditions do not bode well for the sustainability of any reform, regardless of its intentions.

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Common Core practice tests in New York are overwhelming

In April, some 1.2 million New York students took their first Common Core State Standards tests, which are supposed to assess their knowledge and thinking. The first wave of exams was so overwhelming that some parents refused to let their children take the test.

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Arkansas educators to discuss School Choice

The Arkansas State Board of Education will discuss School Choice, a law passed this session allowing a certain number of students each year to transfer to any school. The Public School Choice Act of 2013, or School Choice, allows parents to decide where their kids should go to school, regardless of district boundaries.

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Bethlehem (Pa.) Area School District saving money with solar panels

Pennsylvania schools that adopted solar power say their arrays are performing as expected, in some cases generating 100 percent of building electricity. In the Bethlehem Area School District, five of 22 schools have solar panels.

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Grand Rapids board of ed looking for applicants

The Grand Rapids school board is seeking applicants to fill a vacancy caused by a recent resignation. Applicants should submit a resume and a letter of intent explaining why they are seeking the office, why they believe they are qualified, and what experience they may have with Grand Rapids Public Schools and/or public education.

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