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N.J. District Considers Mandatory School Uniform Policy

School hallways may become a sea of red, black and white with the district's proposed uniform policy.

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Bill Would Bar Schools From Signing Exclusive Broadcast Rights

As more schools across the state look at signing exclusive contracts to broadcast high school sports on radio, TV and the Internet, some lawmakers are proposing to make that illegal.

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More Security for Some Ill. High Schools

Officials plan to add $400,000 of enhanced security at the entrances to Highland Park and Deerfield high schools in coming months.

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N.Y. Gov. Cuomo Proposes $137B State Budget; Increases School Aid

Cuomo's budget proposal to the Legislature provides 4.4 percent more aid to schools and would fund his proposal to improve instruction, including longer school days and school years.

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Calif. To Invest $2.5 Billion To Retrofit Energy-Wasting Schools

On November 6, 2012, California voters approved two measures that should help the state's struggling economy.

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Aventa Learning

See how the Aventa curriculum can help improve student achievement, expand your course catalog, avoid costly textbook replacement and offer scheduling flexibility.

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Learning.com Welcomes SAS® Curriculum Pathways® to Growing Digital Content Library

SAS Curriculum Pathways is the newest product to join the growing digital content library at Learning.com, the celebrated source for connecting educators and students to the right digital content.

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Targeted ASCD Books, Institutes Released to Strengthen Common Core Implementation Nationwide

ASCD is pleased to announce the release of four new grade-level and subject-specific books in the Understanding the Common Core Standards series.

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Classroom Evaluation of Word Raider: Escape, Developed by Ballard & Tighe, Publishers Demonstrates Effectiveness of Focused Motivation in Game-Based Learning

The achievement gap between English language learners (ELL) and students in lower socioeconomic groups is often associated with a language gap. Ballard & Tighe, Publishers recently completed a beta test of Word Raider: Escape, a new online video game that teaches academic vocabulary to students in grades 2-5.

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ADHD Study Skills Breakthrough: Fewer Steps Lead to Greater Learning

Parents and teachers who want a student with ADHD to do better in school should get to know the ADHD brain, states a breakthrough article recently published by ADDitude Magazine.