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Suspensions a problem in New York school district

Students in the Rochester School District are being suspended at a staggering rate for relatively minor offenses, with minorities and the disabled faring the worst, according to new data released by the district.

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Georgia school district prepared for end of snow days

Starting with the 2015-2016 school year, children in the Forsyth County school system will have to balance outdoor fun with online learning as the district will no longer have snow days. If weather forces school closures, students will be expected to log in from home online for lessons.

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Poor youths found to get less learning time in school than rich

Teacher absences, a lack of substitutes, emergency lockdowns, late-arriving students and pre- or postholiday distractions or other interruptions take up time in California's high-poverty schools — the equivalent of two weeks of lost learning time each year, according to a new UCLA report.

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Indianapolis school system approves moving two schools

Despite three hours of public comment, school board members moved forward on a plan to change the Indianapolis district’s magnet program by moving two schools and an estimated 1,400 students within schools.

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Citywide school enrollment recommended for Detroit

Detroit should launch a citywide school enrollment system, according to recommendations in a new report. The suggestion comes as key education leaders have ramped up discussions about potentially launching common enrollment in Detroit as soon as this spring.

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Hutchinson Public Schools continues paperless initiative

Advanced Processing & Imaging, Inc.'s OptiView Document Management solution has been selected by Kansas' Hutchinson Public Schools for use across the 12-school district.

PrinterLogic eliminates need for print servers

The latest version of PrinterLogic's web-based PrinterLogic Printer Management platform enables entities of all sizes to eliminate print servers. IT personnel are now able to centrally manage all printers while eliminating print servers altogether.

SunGard K-12 Education releases family app for eSchoolPLUS

Designed to tighten the feedback loop between schools and families, the eSchoolPLUS Family App puts quickly connects students, parents and guardians with classwork, schedules, attendance, grades, activities and more on their mobile devices.

A case for paying teachers like tech workers

Our schools are stuck in the old mode of paying modest salaries for modest results from teachers. It’s time to experiment with the high wage and high productivity model for teachers. Let’s open some schools where teachers earn $125,000 a year.

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Earlier school start times may be tied to teen driving accidents

According to a study comparing two counties in Virginia, teens with earlier high school start times may get in more car accidents than those with later start times, .

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