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Extreme test-score gains found 67 times since 2008 in Miss. schools

In the wake of an investigation into alleged widespread cheating at one school, a statewide probe found 67 cases of abnormally extreme gains in Mississippi Curriculum Test scores between 2009 and 2013. The instances allegedly occurred across 44 schools in 34 districts.

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Sexting in middle school linked with real-life sex, study finds

Sexting habits are a strong predictor of sexual activity, according to a study from the USC School of Social Work, Los Angeles USD and Sentient Research. Compared with students who didn’t sext, those who received the messages were seven times more likely to have had sex.

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An 82 percent failure rate on high school algebra exams?

What does it say about our public school system when 82 percent of the high school students in suburban Montgomery County in Maryland fail their Algebra 1 final exams? It implies quite strongly that our public schools are not doing a good job preparing America’s students in STEM fields.

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Latest New York City high school directory drops letter grades

The Department of Education’s 2014-2015 grade-less high school directory is the first clear sign of the new administration’s progress toward solving a high-stakes puzzle: How to distinguish among the system’s 1,800 schools with enough nuance to capture each one’s strengths and weaknesses and account for factors it controls.

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Consolidation plan may cost South Carolina district its superintendent

Orangeburg CSD Four’s superintendent has applied for another job as superintendent of Lexington School District Two because of her concerns about school consolidation. A bill introduced in May would have combined the county’s three districts into one. Although it did not pass this year, it will most likely be brought back up during next year’s legislative session.

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Math under Common Core has even parents stumbling

Across the country, parents who once conceded that their homework expertise petered out by high school trigonometry are now feeling helpless when confronted with first-grade work sheets.

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Paddling abolished in Florida county's schools

The Santa Rosa County School Board voted unanimously to remove corporal punishment from the student code of conduct in order to protect school employees from being accused of child abuse.

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Philadelphia school funding tangled up in Pa. budget battle

Without enough GOP votes for a pension-overhaul plan, Gov. Corbett and House Republican leaders are asking Philadelphia Democrats to vote for the GOP pension plan in return for Republican support for an increase to the cigarette tax in the city. Philadelphia wants legislative approval of the tax to help with the large deficit in the school budget.

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SAFARI Montage integrates with Knovation’s netTrekker

SAFARI Montage announced a new partnership with Knovation that will provide SAFARI Montage and netTrekker co-customers with Federated Search access to over 360,000 educator-curated, standards-aligned digital learning resources through the SAFARI Montage Learning Object Repository.

Bretford debuts PureCharge carts and stations for iPad

Bretford Manufacturing, Inc. debuted the PureCharge family of iPad and iPad mini charging carts and stations, which will be available later this summer.