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Chicago schools' debt rating drops again, could trigger millions in penalties

A second major bond rating agency has downgraded Chicago Public Schools' debt, a move that could cost the district as much as $228 million. The move aggravates the already considerable financial problems at the district, which is projecting a $1.14 billion budget deficit next year.

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Feeling alone as the opportunity gap widens for kids

As Americans, historically we’ve wanted public schools to create a level playing field. Schools must be part of the solution. We shouldn’t blame teachers or districts. They’re just dealing with what they’ve been given. Districts don’t decide their own boundaries, but saying that doesn’t absolve us from how schools can help.

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SchoolInfoApp introduces new school and district mobile app features

Mobile apps by SchoolInfoApp now allow students to securely display their official school ID on their iPhone, Android or other smartphone with scannable barcodes and pertinent information. Another new feature allows teachers to issue digital hall passes to help with schools' out-of-class management policies and procedures.

Maryland county expands partnership with Discovery Education

Carroll County Public Schools will bring Discovery Education’s new digital math textbook to its middle and high school classrooms districtwide. Math Techbook features Common Core and state standards-aligned math content, interactives, videos, digital tools and game activities.

Vacant schools test Iowa

The prevalence of vacant school buildings across Iowa's landscapes has placed dozens of communities at a crossroads.

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Congress fails in providing innovation to America's public schools

As Congress debates the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, or ESEA, a bill whose purpose is to fulfill this country's obligation to provide all students with a high-quality education, virtually no attention is being paid to the role that the federal government has played in helping many schools make dramatic progress.

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Minneapolis Public Schools to lay off more than 100 administrative staffers

Minneapolis Public Schools will announce about 120 layoffs of administrative personnel this week, a move to relocate funding directly back into schools where officials say it has a greater impact on students.

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Baltimore schools paying millions in additional income

the Baltimore school system was running up a $72 million deficit last year — a gap that officials say will force layoffs for the first time in more than a decade — it paid out $46 million in bonuses, overtime pay and accrued leave, pushing the earnings of many employees well into six figures.

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Educators must unite Arizona schools

We need an Arizona economic plan that is based in education.

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Zeroing out zero tolerance

Large cities are at the vanguard of a shift away from zero-tolerance school discipline toward less punitive strategies that emphasize talking it out and resolving disputes among students to keep them in school.

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