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Petition on leaseback filed to California Supreme Court

The Fresno USD is asking the California Supreme Court to reverse a recent appellate court opinion criticizing its use of a no-bid contract for construction, saying it could negatively impact hundreds of school districts and contractors across the state.

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Construction funds granted as part of $280 million school renovation projects

Wyoming's Natrona County School District board approved a $327 million budget for the 2015-16 fiscal year, which includes $74 million for construction projects such as the continuing rebuilding of the district’s three high schools.

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How teaching with symmetry improves math understanding

There’s a part of the brain that enables us to perceive magnitude. Neuroscientists have identified this region responsible for perceptual comparison as linked to symbolic comparisons, including integers in math. That discovery led scientists to realize that symmetry plays a big role in how humans compare integers.

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Schools should update their weapons policies

We recognize that situations that arise will be each be different, but to eliminate questions and potential issues in the future, it would be wise to better define what constitutes a weapon and the specific consequences of possession in the weapon policy.

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Agreement offers quicker updates to warning signals in school zones

RTC Manufacturing, a provider of school zone safety equipment, has collaborated with Numerex to provide remote connectivity to school-zone warning flashers to alert drivers when schoolchildren are present, especially in low-visibility conditions. The flashers are typically updated manually at each school.

Illinois district integrates digital math textbook

Mundelein School District 75 launched a new partnership bringing Discovery Education’s new Math Techbook digital math textbook to all middle school students districtwide. The Discovery Educator Network will provide additional support in the district's efforts to transform students’ learning experience with digital media.

Texas districts enlist Skyward to address data integration needs

Mesquite ISD will implement the the school administrative software provider's Skyward Student Management Suite in fall of 2016, while Village Tech Schools implemented the Student Management Suite last spring and is currently implementing the School Business Suite.

Developing new school health enhancement standards

The Montana Office of Public Instruction is soliciting candidates for a new committee that will help determine K12 health enhancement curriculum for public schools. The state is using a new process for selecting health enhancement content and performance standards.

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This is where students get suspended from school the most

The likelihood that a student will get suspended from school may have a lot to do with their geographic location. The U.S. Department of Education released maps detailing where students are most likely to get suspended from school and their demographics.

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New Indiana law encourages use of grants, data to improve discipline

The bill requires that Indianapolis schools report discipline data separated by race, grade, gender, and eligibility for special education services and free or reduced-price meals. It also offers chances at grants for new discipline models.

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