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Schools alone cannot overcome effects of poverty

What if we took all the money we currently spend on trying to ameliorate the effects of poverty and instead adopt two ideas: a guaranteed minimum income for every family and universal high quality early education? These might be a surer way to provide a path out of poverty for every child.

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Can the tide turn against standardized testing?

In the fight against standardized testing, resistance can take many forms. Under the new leadership of Barbara Madeloni, the Massachusetts Teachers Association is planning to introduce a bill that would put a three-year moratorium on using standardized tests for high-stakes purposes.

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Minnesota school district working on 'gender inclusion' policy

The St. Paul school district is seeking to establish a new policy to protect transgender students. Some of the main provisions call for students to be identified by their preferred names and gender pronouns, and participate in programs and activities that align with their gender identity.

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WorldStrides and England’s Rhapsody Tours join forces

Rhapsody Tours of Kent, England has been acquired by WorldStrides, joining its lineup of travel enrichment programs for teachers, parents, students and adults. Rhapsody Tours offers student group travel programs in the UK and across Europe, focused on culture, history, and science.

School leaders would like to see less testing in Virginia classrooms

The 20-year model that Virginia has used for public education and keeping schools accountable is ready for a make-over according to the Virginia Association of School Superintendents' new blueprint for the future of public education. One part of the makeover, that might make students happy, was less testing.

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Concealed carry in schools bill is back in North Dakota House

North Dakota lawmakers have again introduced a bill that would allow anyone with a Class 1 concealed carry permit to carry a firearm in a school, so long as they have the permission of that school's governing body.

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Pulaski schools consider referendum for student iPads

Pulaski School District officials may ask to borrow funds to buy students their own tablet computers to use for classroom projects and homework. An April referendum is being considered to borrow nearly $700,000 in each of the next four years to pay for iPads for all students as part of a 1-to-1 technology program.

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Less standardized testing in school recommended by state schools leader

Ohio schools Superintendent Richard A. Ross has recommended reducing the average amount of time students spend taking standardized tests by nearly 20 percent. The reduction would ensure students in each grade spend no more than 2 percent of the school year taking standardized tests.

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Ohio school tip line already helped prevent tragedies

A new statewide anonymous tip line for schools has been credited with identifying 25 real threats and has expanded to 821 school districts in the state as of this week. The tip line accepts calls or texts and is answered by trained analysts in the Ohio Department of Homeland Security's Threat Assessment and Prevent Unit.

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Skipping school for vacation: good for families, or bad for students?

The decision to take a child out of school is complicated, and no matter how well planned, school absences are disruptive. Most teachers cede that while family time is important, resulting absences do create an undue and possibly unfair burden on teachers.

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