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TipSoft for Education

Allows students to confidentially share bullying and other safety issues with administrators through Web, SMS, and Android or Apple iOS mobile applications.

Principal’s guide to blended learning in elementary schools.

Attend our web seminar to learn the keys to a successful blended learning implementation.

Protecting Our Turf

Artificial alternatives for school fields.

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Hamilton County (Ga.) Schools Supersize to Economize

Officials argue that one school for 1,000 children is cheaper to build and operate than two schools for 500, but some education researchers say that savings comes at a high price because the more students in a building, the worse they perform.

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Mich. Department of Civil Rights Complaint May Force Change in Schools

Chippewa Valley and Utica high schools are among the schools that the Michigan Department of Civil Rights is asking to stop using American Indian nicknames, mascots, chants and imagery. Chippewa Valley uses the nickname “Big Reds” and Utica uses “Chieftains.”

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Jefferson County (Ky.) Schools Fail to Improve

Kentucky's education commissioner warned that the state may have to intercede because nearly all of Jefferson County's persistently low-achieving public schools are failing to improve.

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Mass. 'Virtual Schools' Earn Praise from Panel

Legislators and educators applauded the benefits of virtual schools at a Thursday seminar, praising the innovation that allows students to learn at their own pace and take advantage of technology in the classroom.

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Armed Security Stationed At Weehawken (N.J.) Schools

In the wake of the Newtown, Conn. school shooting in December, the Weehawken school district has stationed armed security at its three public schools.

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Baltimore Charter and Independent Schools Faced Financial, Academic Challenges

Schools are fighting closures connected to high-profile figures and institutions.

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Fla. Public Schools Lose Millions to Crooks, Cheaters

There is a large problem with mandated tutoring in Florida: The program pays public money to people with criminal records, and to cheaters and profiteers who operate virtually unchecked by state regulators.

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