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Allentown School Board to Vote on Teacher Cuts

The Allentown School Board was considering a resolution last night that called for slashing 38.5 high school teachers, 21 elementary school related arts teachers and 19 middle school related arts teachers, among other teacher cuts.

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N.Y. Budget Would Pay for Longer School Day, Year

Business leaders are giving poor reviews to a tentative N.Y. state budget that officials in Albany say is focused on economic growth. The National Federation of Independent Business calls the budget deal a "regressive message to small business owners." It opposes the minimum-wage increase in the budget.

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Texas Lawmaker Tearfully Vows School Choice Fight

The head of the Senate Education Committee broke into tears Thursday as he promised to fight for dramatically expanded "school choice" in Texas. But Sen. Dan Patrick also announced he was softening his high-profile bill to allow an unlimited number of charter schools to operate statewide, instead taking a more gradual, tiered approach to their expansion.

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Incubator School in L.A. Sparks Discord

Sujata Bhatt uses online games to encourage her students at Grand View Boulevard Elementary School to aim higher: "Don't just play games, make them." Now Bhatt will get the chance to teach middle school students how to launch their own businesses at a new campus approved this week by the Los Angeles school board.

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Wake School Board to Push for a 'Reasonable' School Bond Figure

The Wake County school system has $2.2 billion in school construction needs, but school board members and county commissioners said Thursday they won’t ask the public to approve a school bond referendum of that size.

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Americans Argue About the Need for Early Schooling

The first year of school in America, known as kindergarten, usually begins between the ages of five and six. Among rich countries such a late start is something of an anomaly. Barack Obama believes it is an economic and social problem; his education secretary goes as far as to say that it is “morally indefensible”.

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School Closings: How Administrations Decide

Many parents and teachers in the nation's cities are disappointed by a long list of school closings. But when enrollment is low and costs are high, administrators face tough decisions. Host Michel Martin speaks to the Chancellor of Washington D.C.'s public schools, Kaya Henderson, about how school systems weigh these difficult choices.

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Surveillance Video Shows Bus Driver Kicking Autistic Girl Onto Ground

A Florida school district has released video that appears to show a bus driver kicking an autistic student down the stairs. Wilkerson was fired after the Sept. 28, 2012, incident, which Tampa police say resulted in a broken ankle for the young girl, reported NBC affiliate WFLA.com. Wilkerson now faces aggravated child abuse charges, the station said.

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Chicago Bracing for Wave of School Closures

Chicago parents, children and school personnel were bracing Thursday for the city's announcement of the closure of dozens of public elementary schools to reduce a looming $1 billion deficit, a move some community leaders said would disproportionately hurt African Americans.

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How to get interactive whiteboards used by ALL teachers

This web seminar showcased one elementary school’s implementation of StarBoard interactive whiteboards into every classroom and addressed how to provide meaningful professional development that encourages daily use of the devices.