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New School Meal Guidelines Can be Complicated, Yet Beneficial

Now schools are preparing for the new breakfast guidelines, which will go into effect next school year, and some are applying for grants to help implement and educate students about the new rules.

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Parent Trigger Bill on Failing Schools a National Trend

In the state Legislature, it's known as the parent empowerment or parent trigger bill. And it could be changing the way children are educated in districts across the state beginning next school year.

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Challenges of managing absenteeism in K-12

View the archive edition to find out about the real costs of manually managed absenteeism, and how automated systems can improve efficiency, productivity and the bottom line.

Engaging Students to Prevent Bullying

Moving beyond 'adult-centric' emphases.

Blackboard Collaborate

To change the way teachers teach today’s active learners, we must change the way teachers learn using the learning technologies and media already embraced by their students, such as Blackboard Collaborate.

N.J. Is Breaking Monopoly of Mediocrity in American Education

Student achievement in New Jersey school is evidence of hard work and perseverance. According to the Nation’s Report Card, New Jersey ranks second in the United States in overall fourth- and eighth-grade reading achievement and has a four-year high school graduation rate of 86.5 percent.

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Sixteen Apply for Alabama Superintendent Spot

The Alabaster Board of Education received 16 applications for its full-time superintendent position. The Board will lay out the next steps in its search for a full-time school superintendent during an April 8 meeting at the Alabaster City Hall Annex building.

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Illinois Superintendent Receives Contract Extension

Carol Stream Elementary District 93 Superintendent Bill Shields has received a contract extension that will keep him in his job until 2017. The contract sets student academic performance goals that Shields must accomplish. 

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Texas School Safety Bill Approved by Senate Committee

School safety legislation that would provide crisis training for school employees who are authorized to carry concealed handguns on campus was approved Thursday by the Texas Senate Education Committee.

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Portland, Ore. School Board Candidates Field Questions

Five candidates running for three Portland School Board seats made their cases to voters on Wednesday, staking out their positions on issues such as standardized testing and how to tackle the achievement gap.

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