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Culture, Not Curriculum, May Be Key to High School Reform

Resurrecting a struggling high school is more about changing culture than curriculum, according to Charles Payne, a University of Chicago professor and affiliate of the university's Urban Education Institute.

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School Closing Protesters March Along Michigan Ave. in Chicago

Several hundred protesters marched along Michigan Avenue Monday morning to voice opposition to the school closings plan being put together by Chicago Public Schools.

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Wis. Teacher Benefit Cuts Offset Some Revenue Loss

Contentious cuts to teachers' benefits pushed by Gov. Scott Walker last year offset about two-thirds of the reductions to school revenue, according to a new study released Monday.

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A+ Schools Finds Much Needing Improvement in Pittsburgh Public Schools

In delivering A+ Schools' eighth annual report today on academic achievement in the Pittsburgh Public Schools, executive director Carey Harris said it marked the first time she had delivered so much bad news.

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La Center Schools (Wash.) Plug Into the Future

A hushed air hung over Rhea Heaton's first-period Spanish class at La Center High School, as students took an end-of-the-week quiz Friday. Light murmurs of students asking questions mingled with the gentle tapping of fingertips on illuminated screens.

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Cellphone Use in Miss. Schools A Possibility

It may not be long until it becomes common to hear teachers start a lesson by asking students to pull out their cellphones.

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Kan. State Board of Education Will Debate Role of Cursive Handwriting on Curriculums

Should children born into a world of computers, iPads, smartphones and e-cards have to learn old-fashioned cursive handwriting?

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Easton Area School District (Pa.) to Bill Cyber and Charter Schools for Students Who Play Sports

Former Easton Area School District students who transferred to cyber and charter schools can still play for Easton's home teams, but their new schools will have to pay.

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Wis. Schools Turn Away From Gimmicks to Motivate Students for Test Season

Sophomores at Wausau West High School are about two-thirds the way through taking state standardized tests, and they have no questions about how critical it is that they do well.

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How to Successfully Implement Common Core Math Standards

School Improvement Network, the leader in Common Core and teacher effectiveness resources, releases the newest method for increasing student learning and achievement in math.