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Taking Technology to its Limit

The Princeton City (Ohio) School District leverages multiple computing tools and robust social media to engage students—and the community—in education.

Test Scores of Hispanics Vary Widely Across 5 States

Of all the changes sweeping through the American public education system, one of the most significant is simply demographic: the growing population of Hispanic students.

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More Money for Poorest Orange County (Calif.) Schools in New Plan

Orange County schools that teach poor students and those who don't speak English would get more money under a new formula released Wednesday.

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Maine District Deals with Challenges of 25 Different Languages

Fernando Melo from Columbia, Leakhelin Virak from Cambodia and Mohammed Bani Jameel from Iraq work on their English proficiency through short chapter books, while Tumaini Kasongo from Uganda completes assignments on her computer during a Westbrook Middle School language arts class.

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Tax Credits for Religious Schools in Ore.

An Oregon lawmaker wants to ask voters to allow tax credits to pay for tuition at private and religious schools.

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Two New Charters for Boston

If all of the charters recommended by the department move forward, there will be 1,600 new charter seats in Boston, with the percentage of Boston public students in Boston public charters closing in on the 18 percent threshold established with the 2010 education reform law.

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Attendance 'Scrubbing' Tempts Low-Ranked Schools

Temptations to "scrubbing," the process of improperly fixing enrollment or attendance data to somehow improve a building's situation, can include rosier district report cards, added state or federal funding and employee bonuses.

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Ill. Parents Urged to Take Schools Survey

Parents are encouraged to take a survey that will help the district measure how welcome parents feel in school buildings and how comfortable they feel communicating with teachers.

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Arne Duncan: 'There Is No Fix' to Sequestration for Ailing Schools

While sequestration is not a sure thing yet, school districts are already asking for help dealing with the massive, imminent cuts, U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan said Thursday morning.

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Instead of Banning Cellphones, Schools Should Teach Responsible Use

With caution in mind, BYOD seems like an amazing opportunity to reach kids where many are already -- in front of a screen -- and help them explore the promise and dangers of our digital age.

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