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Boston Schools Chief Blasts ‘Poor Judgment’ on Criminal Checks

Hub schools boss Carol Johnson — fuming over a van driver with past convictions who flew under the radar — is calling for a complete overhaul of the department’s criminal screening to ensure other lawbreakers don’t slip through the cracks.

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California Failing to Deliver Vital Instruction to Thousands of English Learner Students

The ACLU of California, the Asian Pacific American Legal Center (APALC) and the law firm of Latham & Watkins LLP today warned state education officials of possible litigation if they do not act immediately to provide essential language instruction to thousands of underserved English learner (EL) students, as required by state and federal law.

Omnilert's Revolutionary 'SMS Inbox' Manages Ongoing Dialog with Emergency Alert Recipients

Omnilert, LLC this week announced the release of a major breakthrough in interactive mass communications.

Hitachi Rated Top Professional Projector Brand In 2012 PMA Dealer Survey

Hitachi America, Ltd., Digital Media Division, Business Solutions Group this week announced that Hitachi has been named the top-rated projector brand for dealers serving the professional market in a survey conducted by Pacific Media Associates (PMA).

FrontRow Launches New Lesson Capture Contest

Classroom audio and integrated solutions provider FRONTROW has launched a new contest where schools can try JUNO®, create a lesson capture video, and enter it to win prizes for their classroom.

Beyond Gamification: Cutting-Edge Technology Meets Alternative, Progressive Education

If you follow me on Forbes, you already know that I’m an advocate of gaming, pushing developers to harness interactive multimedia’s ability to positively impact children and adolescents in terms of intellectual and emotional development. Video games, I’ve argued, are the interactive mythology of a digital future.

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New York City Prep School Makes Reject List Public

The über-exclusive Dalton School reportedly sent a letter to boosters and alumni listing families with applications pending, students who pulled their applications (it’s rumored that in-the-know parents pull their children’s bids if they hear they will be turned away), and the names of students rejected from the school.

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Parents Sue N.Y. Governor Cuomo for $250M Education Aid

A group of city parents is suing Gov. Cuomo over $250 million in state funds withheld from schools after the city and teachers union failed to reach a deal on teacher evaluations.

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Ariz. Schools Placed on Lockdown After Report of Student with Gun

Three schools in Yuma, Ariz., were placed on lockdown on Tuesday morning after police were called to investigate a report of a student possibly carrying a gun.

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For Philadelphia Schools, Do The Math

It is imperative that Philadelphia’s citizens be involved in planning how to downsize its public-school system.

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