How districts enable and support high-performing schools

What does it take to improve a school? What kinds of programs, systems, and people need to be in place for educational outcomes to improve overall? This report shows that these and other questions continue to vex policymakers, researchers, reformers, and advocates who pore over data and case studies looking for tools to transform schools into places where all students achieve.

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Tennessee district readies for PARCC with upgrades

Bradley County Schools system (Cleveland, Tenn.) is updating technology devices and its infrastructure to better serve students and prepare for PARCC online testing in time for the 2014-2015 school year.

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The global ed tech market will be worth $59.9 billion in 2018

With rapid, relentless and continuous advancement in technology, the requirements of students and teachers are also undergoing a tremendous change. The report "Education Technology and Smart Classroom Market: Worldwide Market Forecasts and Analysis (2013-2018)," defines and segments the global ed tech market.

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A federal battle wages over school standards

Here's a multiple-choice question: If the federal government penalizes states where pupils do badly in school, but lets the states themselves set the pass mark, will the states a) make the tests harder; or b) dumb them down?

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School Leadership Groups Urge 'Adequate Time' to Implement Common Core Standards

While assessment has an important role to play as one of multiple measures for evaluating student learning and achievement, the continued reliance on one-time testing diverts attention away from content and the substance of what is being taught.

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Pennsylvania tech students score above average on exams

Results of the 2012-2013 national occupational competency exams show that almost 89 percent of seniors at York County School of Technology who were tested scored either "competent" or "advanced," exceeding the national standard of 72 percent and the state average of 82 percent for career and tech ed high schools.

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Is the Common Core in Trouble?

What Do the Tests Test?

For me, the bigger questions remain the value of standardized tests in the education of children, especially the impact they have on what gets taught, how it is taught, and how learning is accurately measured.

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New Report Card System Tougher on Ohio Schools

A look at Ohio’s new A-F report card system, slated to be rolled out in August, shows many school districts score poorly in areas such as closing achievement gaps between students — one of the new graded measures.

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N.Y. Parents Say Their Children Won't Take State Tests

Susan Grobsmith’s children will slide the state English exam back across the desk when their teachers hand them out Tuesday. The three children in grades four through eight at West Genesee will fold their hands in their laps and politely refuse to take the standardized test.

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