Miami-Dade School Board Fights Changes to Bright Futures Scholarships

With efforts to halt an increase in Florida Bright Futures scholarship requirements all but dead in Tallahassee, opponents who fear the changes will disproportionately harm minority students are changing tact. That includes the Miami-Dade school district, where the impact would be greatest.

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California Middle School Decides Girls’ Leggings Must Be Covered

How tight is too tight for school? Administrators and teachers at a middle school in Petaluma, Calif., are asking themselves this question as they implement a new dress code policy around girls’ form-fitting pants. Kenilworth Junior High has been making national news for prohibiting girls from wearing tight-fitting pants because they’re “distracting to teenage boys,” according to KTVU-TV.

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Meetings to Focus on Plan for Fort Worth Schools

Superintendent Walter Dansby sees the development and launch of a five-year strategic plan for the district as a critical step in making sure everyone is on the same page.

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Changing the Network to Connect the Learner Anywhere, Anytime

The Consortium for School Networking and global technology company Qualcomm have come together to help schools understand the evolving needs of education networks. Through Designing Education Networks, a project funded by Qualcomm’s Wireless Reach initiative, the partnership aims to provide guidance and resources for district tech decision makers who are developing a wireless infrastructure to support a one-device-per student 24/7 learning environment.

Parents Fight Proposed Lynnfield Schools Schedule Change

The prospect of having to get their teens awake and to school 10 minutes earlier and having to find care for their younger children two Wednesday afternoons a month is not going over well with parents in Lynnfield.

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Georgia School Trying to Make History with First Integrated Prom

The concept of segregated proms in the South shocked people when the AJC and other newspapers wrote about it a few years back. The first question from readers was how this could still be happening.

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Chicago Mayor Says Negotiations Over, but Protesters March On

On a day when Mayor Rahm Emanuel said the time for negotiations on school closings was over, the Chicago Teachers Union led hundreds of supporters in a highly orchestrated downtown rally and march as part of its continuing efforts to derail the district's plan to shut 53 elementary schools.

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Newtown School Shooter Adam Lanza Had Arsenal in Home, Car

There were three samurai swords, with blades 13 inches, 21 inches and 28 inches long. There were hundreds of rounds of ammunition. There were targets, a bayonet, knives, pictures of a bloodied body wrapped in plastic, and guns. Lots of guns. And there were plans to buy more.

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Children’s Museum to Provide a ‘Bright Spot’ for Sandy Hook

Online Test Security Breached at Denver Middle School

About 35 sixth-graders at DSST Stapleton learned some hard lessons about cheating last month. The students were caught worming their way into an online instant assessment program in science and English (called “mastery checks”) and changing answers so their teachers would believe they had mastered subjects.

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