Sacramento Region Rural Schools See Rapid Enrollment Declines

Sacramento City Unified captured headlines last month with its decision to close seven schools because of declining enrollment, but it's not the fastest-shrinking district in the region.

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Texas Districts Expanding Choices of Students, Parents

Public school districts are mobilizing to show that "school choice" is more than private-school vouchers and charter school startups.

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Phoenix Schools Take Innovative Steps to Ease Funding Crunch

The Phoenix Union High School District hired Quintin Boyce to perform the typical duties of a principal, such as supervising teachers, overseeing school policies and analyzing test scores. But he spends the bulk of his attention this time of year on one thing: increasing the student population, which means more state money for the school.

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Adopting to Urban Enrolment Declines

Major Urban Areas Have Hundreds Of Vacant Schools, Report Says

Hundreds of schools in the nation's largest cities are sitting empty as education officials struggle to sell these potentially valuable properties that are a drain on school district finances, according to a study released Monday.

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Chicago School Closing Panel to Advise 20-Schools-A-Year Limit, Source Says

The commission handpicked to oversee Chicago Public School closings is leaning strongly toward recommending that no more than 20 schools be closed in any one year to give students, parents, teachers and bureaucrats an opportunity to adjust to the upheaval, sources said Monday.

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Tightening Open Enrollment Rules Would Help Good Schools in Iowa

As a sportswriter, I’ve seen how open enrollment can create an unhealthy imbalance in the on-field success of teams.

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N.C. Public Elementary School Enrollment Falls

Growth of private and charter schools is draining student population

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Broward County (Fla.) Magnet Schools Application Deadline Nears

For Broward parents, sorting through the more than 60 public school magnet programs now available — options as varied as architecture or marine science, ranging from kindergarten to high school — might seem like a daunting task. But with the help of school open houses, informative online web chats, and the time remaining before the Feb. 13 application deadline, finding the right program can be easy, experts say.

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Under-Enrolled Sacramento District May Close Multiple City Schools

Trustees in the Sacramento City Unified School District will begin discussions this week on closing what one official said is a "significant" number of under-enrolled schools, nearly a year after the school board wrangled over closing three elementary campuses and ultimately voted to close just one.

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