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The real work lies ahead after high school graduation

My daughter acknowledged that – for her – earning a high school diploma meant she didn't drop out or flunk out. The real work lies ahead.

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Superintendent Kelvin Adams turns around St. Louis schools

Superintendent has used data to restore credibility to district taken over by state

Graduation rates rise at 10 mid-Hudson Valley schools

A slight majority of high schools in the mid-Hudson Valley experienced an increase in graduation rates in 2012 and nearly all surpassed the state average, according to new state Education Department data.

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Florida district working to boost success of black male students

In part by studying high-performing schools, the Broward school district hopes to find answers to a longstanding problem that has perplexed South Florida and the nation: How to boost the success rates of young black boys?

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Is All of 12th Grade Necessary for All Students?

With the coming of spring, so comes the rite of senioritis, that time when high school seniors do very little of an academic nature, and, as a result, often get themselves into trouble due to having too much time, accompanied by too little structure.

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America's Schools: Graduation Rates Are Better Than You Think

The discussion about education reform should shift from widespread condemnation to a more targeted, nuanced conversation.

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Powell Report Indicates Graduation Rate in U.S. On Pace To Reach 90 Percent By 2020

Despite the constantly gloomy rhetoric about the state of America's schools, U.S. students are steadily improving by at least one metric -- graduating from high school.

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Steps to Achieving Successful Digital Programs

At Mooresville (N.C.) Graded School District, graduation rates and test scores are rising. Graduation rates are up 10 percent over four years ago, to 90 percent, and more graduates are attending college, the rate rising 8 percent to 88 percent in 2012. Digital programs are the reason.

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Mississippi School Discipline Too Harsh on Students: Report

Civil rights advocates say harsh disciplinary practices at many Mississippi schools lead to children being expelled and even incarcerated for minor infractions, policies that disproportionally affect minorities.

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Highest Graduation Rates in America Announced

Preliminary data released by the U.S. Department of Education this week shows that Texas — along with five other states — ranks fourth in the nation for its four-year high school graduation rates. With an overall rate of 86 percent in the 2010-11 school year, the state follows Iowa, with 88 percent, and Wisconsin and Vermont, both at 87 percent.

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