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Graduation rate focus brings education gains for Colorado's minorities

Colorado no longer has the largest gaps in the nation in college graduation rates between black and white residents and both Latino and black adults saw high school graduation gaps narrow to their lowest levels in decades.

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Will new technology save education in South Carolina?

Two of South Carolina’s poorest school districts have teamed-up with Furman University to offer high school students a new way to master their three R’s. And as they do, Furman educators plan to use the schools as models to turn around the state’s bottom-dwelling public education system, ranked 47th worst in the nation in high school graduations and, according to one national survey, dead last in student performance.

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Remedial reform moves to high schools

School districts try to increase chances that graduates will finish college

Many parents think students get right amount of homework

Parents said 96 percent of students did homework and 86 percent of those students had a designated place to do their work

Superintendent moves from good to great in Tennessee

By setting a clear vision, Superintendent Jim McIntyre has made his mark at Knox County Schools
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In the nation's fifth biggest education spender, 1 in 5 Wyoming students will not graduate

Since 2001, the state's four-year high school graduation rate has hovered at around 80 percent, according to the Wyoming Department of Education.

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D.C. Public Schools creates 9th grade academies at nine schools

D.C. Public Schools creating a new ninth-grade “academy” for first-time incoming 9th graders at nine schools that’s intended to help the students graduate.

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The real work lies ahead after high school graduation

My daughter acknowledged that – for her – earning a high school diploma meant she didn't drop out or flunk out. The real work lies ahead.

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Superintendent Kelvin Adams turns around St. Louis schools

Superintendent has used data to restore credibility to district taken over by state

Graduation rates rise at 10 mid-Hudson Valley schools

A slight majority of high schools in the mid-Hudson Valley experienced an increase in graduation rates in 2012 and nearly all surpassed the state average, according to new state Education Department data.

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