Green Bay School Voucher Proposal Sparks Debate

News that Gov. Scott Walker’s proposed budget includes an expansion of the state’s school voucher program intensified opposition not only among Democrats but also school board members.

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Failing Ind. Schools Would Face State Takeover More Quickly Under House Bill

Struggling schools could face state takeover much more quickly under a wide-ranging bill to overhaul the state's A to F grading system for schools.

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New Money and Old Challenges in the Golden State

District leader reviews funding options after Proposition 30.

Obama’s State of the Union Education Plans

Comments from education leaders, supporting and critiquing the president’s plans, in discussion with DA staff writer Alison DeNisco.

Laying Siege to New Jersey's Public School System

If one follows press reports in this country, one gets the distinct impression that there is a grand scheme afoot to destroy the American public school system.

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Mich. Department of Civil Rights Complaint May Force Change in Schools

Chippewa Valley and Utica high schools are among the schools that the Michigan Department of Civil Rights is asking to stop using American Indian nicknames, mascots, chants and imagery. Chippewa Valley uses the nickname “Big Reds” and Utica uses “Chieftains.”

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Va. Assembly OKs Special District for Failing Schools

Both houses of the General Assembly this afternoon passed bills to create a special school district designed to take over and fix failing schools.

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More State Laws for Elementary Schools to Hold Back Struggling Readers

More states aren't promoting students who are struggling to read at the end of third grade.

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In Washington State, GOP Education Bills Provoke Questioning

Senate Democrats say two Republican education bills are cookie-cutter copies from a conservative think tank. But Republicans say: Heck, no. Our bills are homemade with homegrown ingredients.

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Seattle Voters Consider $1.25B Schools Levies

For the past 17 years, Seattle voters have approved every school levy that has come before them, and Seattle Public Schools officials hope voters will now approve two more levies worth $1.25 billion.

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