Thirty Years Later, Little Has Changed

A new report finds three decades of reform has improved little.

Military Schools Grapple With Budget Cuts Confusion, Instability

Over the past week, since Congress failed to prevent the implementation of across-the-board spending cuts known as sequestration, parents of students in Defense Department schools around the globe have heard all sorts of rumors regarding how the cuts will affect them.

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Ill. Lawmaker Wants to Stop Using Schools As Polling Places

A state lawmaker wants Illinois to stop using schools as polling places on Election Day, but the idea doesn’t sit well with local election authorities.

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Judge Temporarily Halts Ala. Private School Tax Credits

A Montgomery judge temporarily blocked the governor from signing a private school tax credit bill and set a hearing for Tuesday afternoon.

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Fla. Gov. Scott Highlights Schools in State of State

Jobs and education were the main points in Gov. Rick Scott's third State of the State speech, one that comes as he prepares to seek re-election.

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Funding Education in Washington State Requires More Taxes

Everyone in Olympia is talking about how important education is these days. With a mandate from the state Supreme Court, the McCleary v. State ruling puts policymakers on the hook to find a way to fully fund basic education by 2018.

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Florida Bill Would Delay Standardized Tests Until Schools Are Ready

The chairman of Florida's Senate education committee, John Legg, has introduced a bill postponing the next generation of standardized tests until Florida schools prove they have technology and broadband capable of handling the computerized tests.

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State of the States: What Governors Are Saying about Digital Learning

State policies, budgets and regulations have a significant impact on school implementation of educational technology. Since the beginning of the New Year, governors across the country have been delivering their State of the State speeches and presenting their budget proposals for the next fiscal year. As outlined in a new SIIA members-only report, education including technology was a key theme for many governors.

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What Would Sequestration Mean for K12?

Budget cuts may have a large impact on federally funded education programs.

Nation’s Principals Release Evidence-based Policy Solutions to Federal Lawmakers

Representatives of the country’s 95,000 public school principals gathered on Capitol Hill from February 25-27 to deliver a strong message to federal lawmakers as they consider the reauthorization of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, the Higher Education Act, and other pieces of federal education legislation.

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