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Complaints force NYC school to remove book from summer reading list

Sixth-grade students in a New York City borough were reportedly assigned to read a book that touched on masturbation until angered parents got the title removed from the summer reading list.

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Fiction Novel Opens the Door to Life Skills in La. District

New Reading Standards Aim To Prep Kids For College — But At What Cost?

The question is one stirring debate over how to integrate nonfiction works into English programs to improve reading scores, while not abandoning the novels that have become the gold standard of high school reading lists.

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Redefine reading and community involvement to increase ROI

By using myON Reader’s vast online library and involving the greater community, educators can transform how students think of reading
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Mass. Education Secretary Paul Reville to Promote Literacy

Massachusetts Education Secretary Paul Reville will be touring the state to push the importance of literacy for children.

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Reading Software Tailored to Students

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Tennessee School District Bans Novel Over Teen Sex Scene

A school district has deemed an awkward teen's two-page encounter at boarding school in the coming-of-age novel "Looking for Alaska" too racy, banning the book from class reading lists.

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Green Literacy K1 School Supports Reading Success

The Springfield (Pa.) Literacy Center has won six awards for sustainability and is LEED certified.

More Chicago Schools Will Start Longer Days

Chicago schools that voted for a longer day starting in January will add that extra 90 minutes daily when students return to classes Monday.

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Encouraging Reading from the Top-Down

To encourage curiosity in reading among students, Superintendent Edythe Austermuhl mingles with students in their classrooms, hold informal book talks, and find new readings.