There’s nothing virtual about student success through online math practice

New Jersey students count on IXL Learning to reinforce lessons and meet state standards

Digital skills and content enhance 1:1 implementation helps Oklahoma district provide 21st century education

Virtual Speech Therapy Offers Solution to SLP Shortage

The shortage of speech-language pathologists (SLPs) in schools has caused some districts to choose virtual speech therapy.

New Software Helps Manage Food Allergies

One Colorado district adopted a software system that details the ingredients of every meal served at every school.

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The Latest in Hardware, Software, Books & Materials, Facilities, and the Internet

Consider Technology Solutions Already in Place

Administrators shouldm't only look outside their districts for something new when researching possible products or technology to purchase; solutions can sometimes be found in unexpected places.

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Tracking More Data With Student Information Systems

New Products

A new survey found that although high school students, teachers and IT staff overwhelmingly believe technology skills are vital to student success, just 46 percent of teachers regularly assign homework that requires them.

New Products

The latest in hardware, software, books & materials, facilities and the Internet.

New Products

The latest in hardware, software, books and materials, facilities and the Internet.