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Illinois studying new regulations for special education

Decades-old limits on the size of special education classes would disappear along with restrictions on the number of disabled students in traditional classrooms under proposals being pushed by state education leaders.

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New Jersey school for special needs receives technology grant

The Lewis School (Princeton, N.J.), which is pioneering the appropriate use of technology for dyslexic and learning-different students, received a $40,000 grant for its technology initiative, from the Roma Bank Community Foundation.

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Technology breaks the barriers of disabilities

Technology is making learning a little easier for students with physical or learning disabilities. Whether it’s software that adapts to their reading level or tablet applications that provide mobility, there’s something for all students to help them learn and communicate more effectively.

Elementary school inspires university to create innovative wheelchair lift

An elementary school principal has inspired the University of Wisconsin-Madison to create a new wheelchair lift that could help make more places wheelchair accessible.

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Pinellas County Fla. Looks to Save Millions by Tweaking Special Ed

Pinellas County Schools officials hope to shave about $6.5 million off their budget by retooling special education programs. Closing the K12 Hamilton Disston School in Gulfport and moving the students to other schools is expected to save $1.8 million, while other special education staffing changes are expected to save an additional $4.7 million.

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Graphic Apps Help Districts Better Address Autism

Jordan Valley School in the Canyons School District in Sandy, Utah is using an iPad to show pictures and icons that help children on the autism spectrum to more easily manage their day so they will know what to expect. Pictures, for example, depict a toilet, handwashing in a sink, reading, and math, among other tasks.

Seattle Special Ed Students Disciplined at Higher Rates

In a recent analysis, the Seattle Special Education Advisory & Advocacy Council found that in Seattle Public Schools, 40 percent of all long-term or short-term suspensions were received by students identified as having a disability.

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Conn. Autism Programs Increase Along With Numbers of Cases

The variety of Bridgeport school programs serving students on the autism spectrum has increased over the last decade as the district has sought to educate more students in its own schools instead of expensive outside programs.

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Aide Alleges a N.J. Life Skills Program Has Gone Off the Rails

It started as a transitional program, a way to teach special education students with developmental disabilities how to handle personal finances, find a job and live independently once they left school.

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Addressing Rise in Autism