Girls are being left out of New York City schools' high-tech revolution

Only about one in four students in many of the public schools’ top tech programs is a girl, a statistic that mirrors women’s participation in tech jobs nationwide.

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Muskegon County (Mich.) petitions seek tax millage for school technology

Petitions are being circulated to get a Muskegon County-wide school technology millage proposal on the September ballot. A group calling itself Technology 4 Students is spearheading the effort to collect 3,000 signatures needed to call the special election on Sept. 24.

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Computers planned for Crookston (Minn.) schools' testing labs

Ninety Apple computers are planned for computer/testing labs at two high schools in the Crookston (Minn.) school district. The computers are being purchased thanks to income received through a million-dollar annual tax levy, from which the board is investing as much as $200,000 in technology upgrades.

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Students climb Mount Everest virtually

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Study: Free computers don’t close the rich-poor education gap

On the one hand, it’s good news that doomsday predictions for computer-less children have been exaggerated. However, giving out computers was one of the easier solutions to closing the poverty educational outcome gap, and now we have to go back to the drawing board.

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Cloud technology forecast: Sunshine with a chance of showers

District CIOs are under increased pressure to cut costs and keep up with the latest technological trends, and implementing cloud technology is an easy fix. Like any new technology, the move toward the cloud carries risks.

Bringing Science to Rural Classrooms

Where robots fail: Why education can’t just be digital

Thanks to technology, we’re watching a revolution happen in education right now. From the explosion in popularity of language learning apps like Mindsnacks to the media furor about the rise of massive open online courses, companies are being built around the idea that technology can radically reshape our relationship with education.

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Questions to Ask Cloud Vendors

Cloud Technology Forecast: Sunshine with Chance of Showers

Keeping universally-accessible district information safe in the cloud