Career frontiers: Voc-tech moves into the future

Career technology programs have evolved far beyond traditional vocational education classes of the last century

Traditional career-tech fields get modern

Changing industry requirements mean even the most traditional career tech fields require more training

Career tech shifts into higher gear

Students learn business etiquette and more complex technology

Students benefit from early start in career tech

California’s Pomona USD encourages seventh and eighth graders to start thinking about career paths

Business partnership teaches high schoolers tech skills

Tennessee manufacturing representatives are happy local schools are helping build a pool of future workers with knowledge in multiple engineering disciplines. Christy Brasher, an area manager at the Bridgestone tire plant in La Vergne, said her company regularly deals with a lack of qualified applicants.

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Education is missing key for some young immigrants

While kids his age were reading Shakespeare and dissecting frogs, Benito Vasquez was picking grapes and almonds in the Central Valley.

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High School Vocational Education On the Upswing, Instead of Traditional Colleges

With student debt growing and a mismatch between unemployed Americans' skills and the required expertise for available jobs, vocational education could be gaining steam, and high schools are rethinking whether they should usher students toward something other than traditional colleges.

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Vocational Classes Taking Off in Texas Schools

Forget about humdrum “voc.” classes.

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Telling Teachers They Are Irreplaceable


Rutherford County (Tenn.) Schools Still Adapting Programs to Title IX

When Title IX was signed into law June 23, 1972 by President Richard Nixon, it deemed that no person is to be denied access to an educational program or activity receiving federal assistance on the basis of sex.

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