Articles: Budget

Booster club members attend a session presented by the National Booster Club Training Council.
Alison DeNisco
How to harness power of volunteer groups that bring vital funds to athletics
Renovations at the North Shore Central School District in Sea Cliff, N.Y. include updating an elementary school playground. Designers BBS Architects, Landscape Architects and Engineers are also performing facade repairs and an auditorium renovation.
Alison DeNisco
Photo Gallery: Rockford district in Illinois spending $58 million to rebuild all four of its high schools
Superintendent Joshua Starr of Montgomery County Public Schools in Maryland crouches to speak with students in class. He is determined to support student programs during lean budget times.
Deborah Yaffe
With the worst funding cuts behind them, many districts have adapted with ingenuity
Ulrich Boser, senior fellow at the Center for American Progress
Alison DeNisco
Only 37 percent of the districts in the top third in spending were also in the top third in achievement

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