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Lance Menster is Houston ISD’s assistant superintendent of professional support and development.
Lance Menster
Lessons from Texas’ largest school district
Students in a Responsive Classroom school greet one another during the daily morning meeting (left). In another class, after the greeting, students have the opportunity to share their feelings and experiences with their peers (right).
Alison DeNisco
Teachers use Responsive Classroom to foster cooperation and create sense of community
Some 93 percent of teachers believe that technology has a positive effect on student engagement.
Alison DeNisco
46 percent of teachers say they lack the training needed to use technology effectively with students
Author Rick Stiggins believes that classroom assessment is more effective than standardized tests in providing the student growth data.
Lauren Williams
Recommended reading includes books on data, devices and high-level learning

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12/4/2012 can help prepare students for the level of technology proficiency that many high-stakes assessments require
Large, geographically diverse districts and virtual schools make teacher development more accessible with online training via Blackboard Collaborate
Lee County Public Schools equips students with Adobe certifications that build professional-level skills for careers in digital media and beyond